18 June 2010

3D SFX vol1 - Industrial Sound Events Page 1/4
Produced by Virtual Reality Sound
No.Tracks 58
Playing Time 55:59
Audio CD  
Released 1996

As you'll guess from the title of the this collection, the idea of this sample CD from Virtual Reality Sound is to provide the user with totally authentic samples from the world of industry. These aren't simulated in a studio at all, they've packed up their microphones wandered down to the local shipyard, factories and other places and sampled away. Its an interesting idea, so lets see what we get.

The CD has been put together by Franz Pusch and Chuck Plaisance, who are Virtual Reality Sound, who offer a number of sample CD's, which you can check out at their web site, once you've read the review of course !

The inlay card is good, and contains all the information you need to identify what is on the CD, you get a track listing, a name and the duration of the sample. Seems fairly scant, but by the nature of the sounds themselves that's all you need to know really, there are no BPM's or pitches here !. So finding what your looking for should be straightforward, even if a couple of the names are a little cryptic, for example AtqDrillPrOnActOff, to the uninitiated its a drill, powering on, in action and then being turned off.

One thing I did notice was that the CD has a unique identification number, rather like some software has a serial number, and thinking about it I'm surprised other sample CD manufacturers don't do this also. If you read the terms and conditions of sample CD's then invariably your only granted a licence to use the sounds, so why not uniquely identify that licence.

On that subject the licence on this CD is a bit vague. Reading "The three dimensional sound recordings contained on this disc are licensed to the original purchaser. Unauthorised copying, duplicating, selling, lending, renting or distribution is prohibited by law." With my lawyer hat on I could take a pretty broad interpretation of what that may mean, as the term licensed to do what isn't defined.

On to the sounds, there is no demo track and no test tone.

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