18 June 2010

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Produced by VCM
No.Tracks 68
Playing Time 78:34
Released 1993

On the cover of this CD we have the description of "more than 700 newly created samples, over 70 minutes of highly individual sounds, layers, textures and effects, constructed and combined from two decades of the worlds greatest electronic musical instruments", which is a pretty fair description of the contents of this CD, synth sounds.... a whole variety, analogue, digital and a mixture of both.

The CD was put together by Brian Horsfield and David Hickman for Voltage Controlled Music, a company based in England. There is no info about them on the package at all, and otherwise can't say I have any knowledge about them. If anyone knows any better please let me know.

On the inside cover and on the CD case itself the producers have listed the gear that they have used to produce the sounds on the CD and it reads rather like a wish list for most of us, Roland Jupiter 4, 6 & 8, tb303, mks50, d50, d70, jd800, sh1000, Korg 01/w, m1, ms10, Wavestation, poly6, dw8000, mono/poly, and that's just the korgs and rolands. There are others from Yamaha, Moog, SCI, Crumar, Waldorf, etc, etc. Lets leave it at a lot of gear then !

The inlay card is good, you get a track listing, with each track having a title, mono/stereo indication, number of samples and a description. The sounds are mostly of the one sample per sound variety, there are some multisampled sounds, around 10 of the tracks, and these are indicated as such along with the relevant pitches of the sampled notes. I'd have preferred if the producers had taken the extra step and listed all the samples out with a description. There are over 700 samples, around 20% stereo, and it does make tracking down what you are looking for a whole lot easier, and if your like me it makes it much easier to make little notes about the sounds. But what is on offer isn't that bad, I've seen worse.

There are no real categories to the CD, each track has a themed description, which gives you an idea, though these aren't grouped together. For example Ambient 1 & 2 are on tracks 32 & 33 while Ambient 3 & 4 are on tracks 41 & 42, who knows why. Note to sample CD producers, try and theme sounds together as much as possible, makes life a lot easier for people looking for a particular sound.


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