18 June 2010

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Produced by Zero-G
No.Tracks 90
Playing Time 78:39
Released 1994

This sample CD is the follow up to the popular Analog to Digital , which scored a very healthy 8/10 in an earlier review here. The cover of this CD we are informed that in order of appearance we have "atmospheres, loops & tunes, drums & percussion, keyboards & synths, pads & moods, special effects and waveforms". Which is what you get, a CD full to the brim of synthesiser sounds from a whole host of analog and digital machines.

The CD was put together just by David Hickman for Zero-G. His collaborator for the earlier volume having fallen by the wayside, probably took his Jupiter 8 as well !, Absent from the instrument list this time.

On the inside cover and on the front of the CD case the producers have listed the equipment used to produce the sounds within, again, looks rather like the list we leave out for Santa each year. Roland JD800, JD990, D50, MC202, Jupiter 6, Emu Vintage Keys & Morpheus, Yamaha TG77, TG500, RY30, Korg M1, Wavestation, Monopoly, dw8000, Minimoog, Prophet 5, ARP2600, Matrix 1000, Oscar, Wasp and more besides

The inlay card is excellent, you get a category, a track listing, with each track having a title, mono/stereo indication, a description/name and in some cases the pitch of each of the samples. If anyone is thinking of putting together a sample CD themselves I'd suggest they take a look at an inlay card like this, and copy the concept. It makes the tracking down of samples a lot easier. The sounds are all,. bar a couple, of the one sample per sound variety. There are a handful of multisampled sounds, but these only have two multisamples each.

The CD has 7 categories, not surprisingly bearing in mind the cover, titled Atmospheres, Loops & Tunes, Drums & Percussion, Keyboards & Synths, Pads & Moods, Special Effects and Waveforms. The CD kicks off with a fairly anonymous two minute demo track, wandering through a few styles, we'll give the producer that though as there is still another 76 minutes of sounds. Interestingly the CD ends with 4 test tones, three various ones at -10db and the last at 0db. Not quite sure of the use of the first three though I must confess.


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