18 June 2010


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Produced by Zero-G
No.Tracks 74
Playing Time 69:41
Released 1993

Follow up to the popular Ambient Volume 1, Volume 2 is likewise described on the cover as "The Ambient/Atmospheric/Soundtrack Sample CD", in fact the rear cover of the CD is the same as volume 1, which is a bit lazy as it's not strictly correct, this volume doesn't contain the raw waveforms that original volume did.

Once again Ian Boddy has searched his archives of sounds and sound gear to produce an all original library of sounds. This volume concentrates more on pads and synth atmospheres than Volume 1, perhaps more of what you might expect judging by the subtitle. If you get the chance then I would recommend checking out some of Ian Boddy's work, an excellent electronic musician. Click here to check Ian Boddy's catalogue at CD Now

On the inside cover we get the kit list that Ian has used to produce this CD - Roland 100M, SVC350 Vocoder, JD990 Korg Wavestation, VCS3, Memory Moog, PPG Wave, Oberheim Matrix 6 & 12 and Akai 3000, though the last one is a bit of a red herring as its a sampler, I imagine that he's sampled some of the instruments or other sounds and processed them via the Akai's filters.

The CD's inlay card describes each track, which has a single category of sounds this time around, much better, and once again every sound has a unique name. This naming process, whilst being a pain for the producer no doubt, is appreciated by the end user. When previewing the tracks you can mark up the inlay card with notes or reminders about sounds you may wish to come back to. There are some very good descriptions of the sounds, "Really really fat analogue drones" and "Horrid Metal Alarms" give you a fair idea of what to expect. Likewise if your after a particular type of sound you can scan the inlay card and skip to the right area rather than playing through the CD.

Stereo samples are indicated as such with an (s) - compared to the first volume there are a lot more stereo samples. There are no categories as such, each track is it's own, though in some areas tracks are grouped with similar styles.


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