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18 June 2010
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260db - The Drum & Bass Interface
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Produced by AMG chemical beats
Audio 74:11
Tracks 71



260dB - The Drum & Bass Interface is the fourth release in the Catalyst series from AMG and is the follow up release to the very popular and successful sample CD 160dB - we scored the original album at 9/10 and remains one of my personal favourites, so lets see what the follow up release offers.

The back of the CD gives us the following "The sequel to the hugely successful cult drum&bass CD 160db is here! All your favourites are included: Specially programmed breaks, upright bass licks and deep bass sounds - gates, musical and bizarre FX - Recycled live drum breaks - Rhodes licks - ambient atmospheres - Sax licks, synth pads, noizs, FX and much more!" The AMG website additionally has the following snippet "Sequel to the hugely popular 160dB. Culled from the same recording sessions as 160dB, so if you like that, you'll like this just as much."

The CD has once again been put together by N-Jay and as indicated above came from the same sessions as the original 160dB. I'm not too sure to take this as a plus or minus - on the one hand the original volume does contain a ton of excellent material, does this CD then just contain the leftovers or was there so much good material originally produced that a second CD was warranted. We shall see !

The CD is very much in the "Construction Kit" format - where you get twelve sections of material from which you could extract various parts to construct a complete track. The layout is in fact identical to the first CD 160dB, right down to the section titles and the number of tracks per section. The only common element missing is anything vocal, otherwise there is certainly enough of a range of material to get you started, you may of course wish to supplement the sounds, but you don't have to as you would with a straight loops CD for example. This is demonstrated by the opening track of the collection, a complete jazzy kind of track made from the samples contained on the CD.

260db - The Drum & Bass Interface Inlay Card

The documentation is fairly spartan following closely the layout of the first CD. Each section of the CD is laid out with the number of tracks and a description, and where appropriate there is a BPM listed, all the loops by the way are at 165 or 170 BPM. But there is no individual track or sample listing. This does make it pretty difficult to track down individual samples, instead of being able to audition the CD and indicate which samples are of particular interest, it's more a case of going through the whole section to find exactly what your looking for. This isn't so bad here as the longest section is just nine tracks, but still could have been a little better, at least in this volume your given the exact samples that aren't the standard BPM of the rest of the track.

There is no specific mention of the equipment used to create the CD except in some of the section titles. Rhodes, live drums, programmed drums etc.

Track 71 is a test tone at digital level maximum.

On to the sounds...

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