beatz diffusion sample cd review
18 June 2010

Beatz Diffusion
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Produced by AMG
No.Tracks 39
Playing Time 39:04
Mixed Mode CD 225Mb
Released 1998

Beatz Diffusion is part of the AMG Diffusion series - the others currently being Pop Diffusion and Dance Diffusion - a mixed mode collection of budget sample CD's that take elements from the AMG catalogue and package them together in a theme, in this case a collection of live sounding drum loops. This kind of CD is becoming increasing popular, kicked off by Time & Space's Creative Essentials series, aimed mainly at the computer musician or those starting out in the sampling world who might otherwise baulk at the thought of paying UKP60/US$100 for a full priced sample CD.

Beatz Diffusion takes drum loops extracted from eight sample CD's AMG's back catalogue - Groove Activator by Gota Yashiki, Kicking Lunatic Beats by Keith Leblanc, Drumhead, Tony Mason...Smokin', Phil Gould, David Ruffy, Steve White and Neil Conti, plus there are 5 bonus loops from unspecified source and on the CD-ROM section only there is a extra folder of 99 samples mostly single drum/percussive hits but with 20 or so extra loops.

Essentially this is a straight live drum loops CD though with the single drum hits included it would also be useful for people to use a source for creating their own loops. One thing to bear in mind that these CD's were produced over a period of time from around 1991-1996 so the samples aren't bang up to date, though as not directed quite so much at the straight dance market this matters little, you can check out the AMG information from their catalogue here.

The CD has an audio section and a .wav section that contains 225Mb of data, 227 samples, so you can audition the samples then load them up into your computer/sampler without having to go through recording and editing them. There is also a version available that has in addition Recycled files created using Steinberg's Recycle program for an extra 10 UKP. As with the sister release Dance Diffusion, you do get excellent value for money here, around twice the content of what you'd normally expect to see on a budget priced sample CD.

The inlay card is good and free of some of the normal sample CD hype, in fact there isn't a single line of anything but factual information. We get a heading for each sample CD/artist the sounds were taken from, then break downs by track and then by sample, all of which are named individually. Each loops has a BPM and each sample has a bracketed number that corresponds to the name/number of the .wav file it corresponds to, so tracking down the sample your looking for is very straightforward.

There is no demo track and no test tone, though it is stated that the samples are normalised to a uniform level. Otherwise there is little in the way of hype or other information, so on to the sounds....

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