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18 June 2010
chemical beats review

The Progression
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Produced by AMG chemical beats
Audio 73:59
Tracks 46
2CD Audio/Wav/Aiff 494Mb



The Progression is number 34 of the AMG producer series and is a follow up collection to "Rhythm of Life". Described as "Miles Bould Progression is truly a labour of love, with oodles of thought, care, groove and feel heaped into it by one of the UK's leading percussionists. Conforming to nonconformity, mixing instruments from different traditions and cultures to create loops that are fresh and original, yet totally accessible, there really is something for everyone here, whether you're Massive Attack, Shola Ama, Pat Metheny or John Williams. From Mile's personal soundscapes and their component parts he offers you the opportunity to enter his world, and then build your own on top of his solid and sublime foundations..."

The CD is in essence a straight live percussive loops collection of the "complete loop and separate elements category". I say percussive as there is a wide range of percussive elements used throughout the collection and rather little of the more standard kick/snare/percussion type loops. At the end of the collection there is also half a dozen tracks of individual loops.

The collection is a 2CD set for the price of a regular sample CD. CD1 being an audio version and CD2 having the identical contents but in .wav & .aiff format. AMG are to be applauded for providing the user with two alternative ways of using the samples. For those people who can use the CD-ROM CD this will come as a huge plus, you can easily audition the audio CD version and then simply use the .wav or .aiff versions in your sampler/sequencer.

The CD has been produced by Miles Bould, who mentioned above produced a very popular sample CD "Rhythm of Life" also from AMG with Danny Cummins as far back as 1992. Since then he's produced a couple of albums as part of Peoplespeak, a track from their last album "Gracenotes" is the demo track on this CD.

The Progression Inlay Card

The documentation is excellent and the whole package has been very well put together, certainly AMG's best effort to date. Multi shades of grey that looks great, but doesn't scan too well, the pictures here don't really do it justice. Certainly gives a "Quality" feel to the collection before you've even got the CD in the player. Each track is listed out with a name and descriptions of the elements that go into each loop, it's BPM, stereo/mono/L/R, also included is a list of the instruments used in each element. The CD-ROM CD matches up pretty well using the track and sample number as an identifier.

On the CD-ROM section there are a couple of licence documents in Adobe pdf format. The licence agreement requires positive licence registration for any kind of commercial use. It's no major deal, just requires a signed form to be sent off to AMG and they'll issue you with a unique user number. (There is a space on the CD for you to write it on). Additionally AMG require a non-specific credit, a logo, notification of release and a copy of the work. It's a tightening up of the licence requirements, which in turn should help the artists and AMG, and in turn act as an anti piracy measure.

Track 46 is a test tone at digital level maximum, there is a five minute demo track, which is a bit overlong for a sample CD. It's not a true demo track either as it includes assorted elements not included on the CD, bass, keyboards and guitars. Shows what can be done with some of the elements from the CD at least.

On to the sounds...

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