18 June 2010

The Progression
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Summary - Audio quality is excellent. Couldn't detect any noise or recording artefacts anywhere. The last few "Blow Up" tracks are heavily processed, otherwise though the sound is very clean and open.

I really liked this Miles Bould collection, it falls somewhere between a regular percussion type CD and an ethnic type percussive CD, there is a whole range of sounds and excellent playing styles throughout the collection. The main part of the collection is very open sounding, despite there being numerous elements, one always felt that there was plenty of room for other elements in a mix.

The loops here would I feel give an excellent underpin to a track, but without necessarily dominating it. In particular I felt that I could make maybe half a dozen tracks from the material here, plenty of inspriation for new ideas, very usable. This might not sound a lot from a whole CD's worth of material, but as a benchmark if I feel I could get two or three tracks/track ideas from a collection, then I'd be happy. We're hard to please here !

There is a whole range of instrumentation used with all sorts of varied presentation, very much with a live vibrant feel to them. There is certainly some excellent percussion work involved in the collection, as ever an easy comparison can be obtained by trying to produce some of these sounds on a decent synth or soundcard - take my word, no comparison. It's one thing to have a decent sound, but totally different to craft that into something like Mr Bould can produce.

I've a couple of minor reservations, firstly I'm not convinced having multiple versions of loops at different BPM's is the best use of the space available, whilst there is a fair difference between 70 & 110 BPM, I'm not so sure about 70 & 90 BPM, I'd rather seen more original material here. Likewise the heavily processed loops at the end of the collection, very different to the rest of the collection.

This collection will appeal to most anyone who is looking to add a slightly unusual percussive element to their music, from ambient or latin to full on dance, though mainly more laid back styles would get the most from the collection. Beginners will be able to take the construction kits and produce complete tracks, more experienced samplists will be looking to use more of the individual elements to spice up their loops or tracks, perhaps to adding a more human touch to a sequenced loop. .

Overall - Value for money 9/10 - Usability 9/10 - Documentation 10/10 - Sonic Quality 9/10. A very well put together and presented collection of live percussive loops - 8.5/10

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