18 June 2010

Ruff Cutz
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Produced by AMG
No.Tracks 96
Playing Time 74:34
Audio CD  
Released 1998

Ruff Cutz is the third CD in AMG's Catalyst Series, (you can read reviews of the earlier Volume 1 - 160db and Volume 2 - Full Phat here), and is purely a drum loop CD aimed at the harder edge dance market. The CD cover promises that the sounds were "meticulously edited, recycled, stuff was added, stuff was taken away and then finally EQed to perfection, two years later the result is unlike any other drum loop CD you've ever heard". So lets see....

The CD is produced by Dave Ruffy, who produced (allegedly) the worlds first live drum loop CD in 1990, David Ruffy's Drums, click here to read about this CD at the AMG site. Dave Ruffy was one time a member of the Ruts and now a professional session drummer, DJ and producer.

The inlay card is sparse but contains all the information that you'd need to make best use of the CD, there is a listing of each track, the Full Grooves section gives each groove a name and a BPM, the Loop Bitz just gives the BPM of the loop and thats about it, except for a little note....

10 of the 54 Full Grooves have a note against them that reads "These grooves are included on our Decksploitation project. They cannot be used for any commercial project without written permission from AMG. If you wish to use any of these for any commercial project please contact AMG prior to any such use....". This of course is in addition to the regular AMG sample CD licence conditions that most sample CD's have.

What these mean in short is that if you want to use these samples commercially you have to get special clearance, in advance, and no doubt for some additional financial consideration. This is rather foreign to the concept of sample CD's in that you pay your UKP60/US$100 and you have your licence to use them, including commercial use. For these samples you don't have that freedom, indeed they're just like any routine copyrighted material, which does in that case beg the question as to why they are there at all. I know I'd be pretty annoyed to find I couldn't use all of a sample CD, demo track excepted. Perhaps there should be a note on the cover of the CD to.

In AMG's defence however, you could just treat these tracks as a bunch of demo tracks, and it is nearly a 75 minute sample CD, with no orthodox demo track, so its not a huge percentage of the material - 18% of the Full Grooves - about an 8th of the entire CD - time wise.

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