18 June 2010

Sample and Hold
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Produced by AMG
No.Tracks 61
Playing Time 71:56
Audio CD  
Released 1998

Sample and Hold is CD no.32 of the AMG producer series this particular volume is produced by metaldog, and promises "extreme analogue samples" in a "multi-processed, distorted and chewed up analogue domain of metaldog, his urban, industrial flavoured 100% analogue library...". Not your normal analogue collection of vintage synthesiser sounds.....

Whilst this CD is aimed at the Industrial/hard edged dance genre there is a lot of very usable material here for other genres so if your not into making these types of music keep on reading !

The CD has been produced by metaldog, to whom I'll confess to having never come across before, but certainly hope to. There is a lot of quality material here and would certainly be interested in listening to what he can do with them and their like. The CD kicks off with a 2 minute track that kind of goes from a Gary Numan type intro, into a Prodigy type beat, via Depeche Mode latter day type bridge without really sounding like any of them, so thats a clear description then !

The inlay card is the normal AMG fairly minimilistic variety, for tracks that have recognisable BPM's then these are listed out by track number - though no individual description or name, otherwise each of the 5 sections has a short description of what it contains. Does make tracking down samples a little bit tricky, for example, "Cyber Landscapes" covers 16 tracks and maybe 20 minutes of samples, tracking down the sample your looking for can be a liitle harder than it needs be. There is no mention of the specific equipment used, though I suspect in many cases, as many of the samples are heavily processed, that the sounds presented here bear little resemblance to the original source.

The CD is broken down into 5 areas, Drum Bits (10 tracks), Synth Sequences (15), Synth FX (9), Ambiences (16)and Synth Notes (9). The CD finishes with a test tone at the maximum digital level.

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