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18 June 2010
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Vince Clarke - Lucky Bastard
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Produced by AMG chemical beats
Audio 74:04
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We're digging one out of the archive this week, Vince Clarke - Lucky Bastard, which is still available from the producers AMG. The AMG website describes the collection as "A huge collection of sequences specially created by Vince using his massive collection of classic analogue synths. Either grab whole sequences or chop them up and re-sequence them yourself for the ultimate in creative, fast creative sampling. Many totally synth-generated unique drum loops, one of Vince's trademarks - each broken down into elements for easy customisation and extraction of single hits...The ultimate analogue sample CD by the King of the Synth."

AMG have managed to attract some big names to produce samples CD's for them and they don't come much bigger than Vince Clarke, founder member of Depeche Mode, Yazoo, Assembly and Erasure. Indeed this could probably be successfully argued as the biggest "name" to produce a sample CD to date, especially after he has been hugely successful. Today, no doubt, Norman Cook/Fatboy slim is the bigger act but Norman's Skip to my Loops was produced several years before he became the success he now is.

Vince Clarke for those who don't know is famed for his huge collection of analogue synths and his refrain from using modern technology, he doesn't use MIDI for sequencing for example.

This collection is a delve in to the analogue synth world of Vince Clarke, the CD taking sounds, sequences and loops created from a whole variety of classic and not so classic analogue synths, such as the ARP 2600, Roland Modular 100m & 700, Korg MS20, Polyfusion Modular, SCI Pro One and Oberheim Xpander.

Vince Clarke - Lucky Bastard Inlay Card

The documentation is very good, each track is listed out separately with each sample named, usually with a useful description, and where there is a BPM or key then this is listed too. There are also little notes from Vince on some of the synths concerned, for example "Synthi VCS3, I had this for two years and couldn't work out for the life of me how to get decent sounds out of it"

Most of the equipment that has been used to put together has been listed throughout the booklet, won't repeat all of it but the title of the CD comes to mind when you read through it all !

One thing to watch out for on the licence agreement is the phrase "You may only use the material reproduced on this CD for personal use and enjoyment not further or otherwise in any manner whatsoever. Under no circumstances shall any part of the contents of this CD be used for commercial exploitation or in the creation of a competing product...if any of the samples... are to be used for commercial exploitation whatsoever you must first obtain the written consent of the producers, the copyright owners and Sony Music which consent may be given or withheld..." Certainly if your intending to use any samples on commercial tracks I'd suggest getting clarification/clearance from AMG.

The CD kicks off with a nice short upbeat demo track, track 94 is a test tone at digital level maximum.

On to the sounds...

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