chemical beats
18 June 2010
chemical beats review

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Produced by Back in Time
Data 400Mb

Akai 1000 CD-ROM



ElektraVox is from the German sample CD company Back in Time Records, we've already reviewed a number of their products. The others, Mediterranean Instruments, Minimoog Classics, Korg Universe Volume 1 & 2, are faithful reproductions of real instruments, either vintage synthesisers or acoustic. ElektraVox is somewhat of a departure from these products being more creative in providing a "Vocal" sample CD.

The promotional words state that "This CD features more than 1000 samples of processed and large scale edited male and female voices, vocal phrases, shouts, synthesised choirs and breathy pads. Also this CD provides 150 innovative fully DSP processed special voice drum and percussion samples and more than 80 amazing voice percussion stereo loops and scenes from 90-175 BPM. Especially the 'mindless OxMox' phrases are usable for dance, techno and industrial but also for any experimental musical style.

Plus special multimedia section and for special purpose as soundtrack, computer and machine speech, vocoders and reversers, anxious MonstaVoices and spacy alien dialogue, toon hooting, roaring creatures, cracked up robotics and friendly 3rd kind muttering." Not my spelling and grammar but you'll get the idea. I hope your as interested as me to find out what OxMox and toon hooting is !

EletraVox has been put together by Klaus-Peter Rausch who is behind most of the other Back in Time Records collections also which have been distinctive by their high quality of production so we have high hope for this release too.

So what we have here isn't your typical "Vocal sample CD", indeed the liner notes, in capitals, clearly state that the collection contains no actual lyrics. (This is actually a little bit of a white lie mind). One of the problems with Vocal CD's is exactly that of course, the lyrics, I'm sure many readers will be all too familiar with some of the dreadful cliché's that appear on some such CD's so lets see how Back in Time Records fair without any at all.

Elektravox Inlay Card

The documentation is to Back in Time Records usual high standard, running to 16 pages. Each partition is broken down into sections and then individual programs, each named and with each section given the memory requirement. There are only two sections that require over 8Mb of memory, and those only just at 8.2Mb so this release won't place too demanding a requirement on your sampler. Where appropriate BPM's are listed as well. At the end of the booklet there are a couple of pages of "User informations" that give some insight to how the samples might best be used.

There is no demo program

On to the sounds...

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