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18 June 2010
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Mediterranean Atmosphere
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Produced by Back in Time chemical beats
Data 500Mb

Akai 1000 CD-ROM



Mediterranean Atmosphere is from the German company Back in Time Records, we've already reviewed some of their products. The others, Minimoog Classics, Korg Universe Volume 1 & 2, are faithful reproductions of vintage synthesisers, this release is slight different in that it reproduces the sounds of instruments native to countries bordering on the Mediterranean. "Traditional mediterranean musical instruments in different versatile programs and dynamic variations in memory sizes from 2Mb to 20Mb. Performed by virtous artists and recorded by competent sound engineers in perfect natual acoustic 3-D quality for popular & ethnic music.", so says the box... Incidentaly I don't think the English translation is quite 100% spot on here, but you'll get the idea !

Whilst there have been many samples CD's of more far flung "Ethnic" cultures, the Mediterranean area is one area that is rich in its musical history and diversity, however largely ignored as far as specialist sample libraries go. So I was keen to get hold of this collection to see what it offers.

The producers have brought in a whole raft of artists to play the instuments on offer by this collection, the sounds are mostly studio recorded, not like on some "ethnic" samples CD's on location. Thus whilst losing the "atmosphere" (read noise often !), of on site recording, we would expect (and get) a much higher fidelity recording than is often the case. There are some in situ atmospheres, but the instrument recordings themselves are all of studio quality, and the large majority of the samples are multi-sampled to provide a more accurate playback over a range of keys.

Mediterranean Instruments Inlay Card

As usual with Back in Time products the presentation is excellent. You get a very good little 20 page booklet. The samples are broken down by partition and then by volume with each sample/program-group being listed out individually. For sounds that aren't multi-samples the sounds are indicated just as "samples". There are a few loops in the collection and the BPM's for these are listed at the end. The majority of the programs run to under 8Mb and all but one will fit into 16Mb.

There is also a page of user information to help people get the most out of the collection.

The instruments covered by this collection are 6 String Acoustic Guitar, Whippet, Buzouki, Saz, Mandolin, Dulcimer, Energy Chimes, Tone Cups, Psalter, C-Recorder, Bar Chimes, Flutes, Bongo, Panflute, Accordion & Various Instruments & Environments.

On to the sounds...

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