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18 June 2010
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Minimoog Classics
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Produced by Back in Time chemical beats
No.Tracks 86
Playing Time 76:48
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Minimoog Classics is from the German company Back in Time Records who specialise in the production of sample CD's of older classic synths. With the retro market being as popular as ever there is a constant demand for these types of sounds and king of them all, some would argue, is the Minimoog. Back in Time aim to bring you the sounds of this synthesiser, but for a fraction of the cost of the original or one of the clones.

In many ways this is a very straightforward release, there is little hype about it, and is purely designed to give people a totally faithful rendition of the Minimoog. There is no processing of the sounds in any way, the sounds have been programmed and then recorded straight into a digital recorder. To facilitate the this accurate representation of the Minimoog there is extensive use of multisampling. Most of the sounds are offered in four to seven multisamples, the majority being F, C1, C2, C3 & C4 as played from the original keyboard.

The advantage of multisamples is that it enables a wider, more accurate rendition of the actual sounds across a wider audio range than just a single sample would do. A single sample played a couple of octaves away from its sampling point can often sound nothing like the original sound would have done at the same point. On the downside it does mean you get less distinct sounds than you might otherwise expect from a CD almost 77 minutes in length, plus of course its a pain to sample as the process has to be repeated for however many multisamples your sample is comprised of.

Minimoog Classics Inlay Card

The inlay card is very good, each track/sample is listed out, the sounds are broken up into various categories, with a track time, track name, number of oscillators the sound uses and their length.

There is also some sampling information about the multi-sampling that has been done and some more information at the end with a few suggestions as to how to use the sounds that are there.

The categories and number of distinct sounds are Percussive & Plucked (10), Bass (14), Synthetic String (5), Big Synth (5), Brassey (7), Synthetic Woodwind (6), Leadsynth (29), Pad & Lead (3), Synthbass & Lead (4), Sweep (2), Cycle Wave (6) & SFX (19)

To start the CD off there is a demo, appropriately called "Amazing M", a sort of Minimoog MOR disco track which showcases some of the classic Minimoog sounds. There is no test tone.

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