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18 June 2010
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Alien Artifakts
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Produced by Big Fish Audio chemical beats
Audio 67:18
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Alien Artifakts is a release from American sample CD company Big Fish Audio. I'll let the lines on the back of the CD describe it to you "As if from some lost alien city on the far side of the moon, this disc evokes the ghostly echoes of a long dead interstellar civilisation. Mind numbing sounds only a superior intelligence could have created, some incomprehensible and profound, others disturbingly human. As the artefact is unearthed, the mind resonates to these other worldly sounds, as if deep in our genetic code we were always meant to. Have you wondered are we alone ?. The answer awaits you..."

Any the wiser to what the CD actually contains ? In a line, a collection of weird, unusual, eclectic, abstract, off beat, alien for want of a better name sounds, rhythms, soundscapes and voices. So lets see what we have.

The sample collection has been created by Michael Kelsey, there aren't any name checks stated or biographical details listed, though credit is given to the spirit of "Musique Concrete" with inspiration from such people as Cage, Parmegiani, Xenakis & Truax. Though I have heard of this, I won't pretend to know anything about this style of music, though on listening to this collection I would strongly suspect it's about creating walls of sound without the usual musical structure.

This sample CD isn't really musical in the normal sense, though there are some musical elements contained within some of the sounds, it's really more a collection about sound, unusual textures, juxtapositions, contrasts and just plain weirdness to produce a palette of sounds for users to introduce into their tracks. One could almost describe the collection as artistic in a sonic sense rather than in more usual creative/musical sense. These certainly aren't the sort of sounds that most users will have anything like on their synths or soundcards.

Alien Artifakts Inlay Card

The documentation is very good, each track is named and each sample is numbered and named separately, where there is a BPM then this is listed too, though as you might expect these are few and far between. As one might expect the names bear little resemblance to the actual sounds, though at least this does make it easy to identify the samples and mark those of particular interest.

Some of the equipment that has been used to put together has been listed - EMU E Synth, Korg EX8000, Kawai XD-5, Art DRX-2100SE, Wave Station, EMU Morpheus, Esoniq DP-4, Korg Prophecy and Akai EVI - sounds like quite a wish list of digital gear. There is certainly little of an analogue flavour to this collection which makes a change !

The CD kicks off with a short 2 minute demo track, there is no test tone.

On to the sounds...

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