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18 June 2010
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Titanium Rhythms 2
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Produced by Big Fish Audio chemical beats
Audio 73:52
Tracks 82



Titanium Rhythms 2 is a release from Big Fish Audio, a major American sample CD company, and is the follow up CD to Titanium Rythms, you can read a review of this CD here, and again we are presented with an industrial percussion loops and hits CD. The advertising material states "The cold hard world of Titanium Rhythms returns with over 500 new distorted loops, soundscapes, rhythmatic effects, textures and more.... over 1000 samples in all. Producer Jason Jones has once again assembled an ecletic collection of industrial sound loops, factory noises, junkyard hits, bangs, thunks, grinds, clanging-thumping-grinding machines, painful metal hits and machine shop background noises all densely packed on one CD....". Indeed, so lets see whats on offer.

This collection has been put together by one "Sliver" or Jason Jones, and I'm certainly glad I don't live next door to him, once can only imagine the machinations that would have come out his studio in the creation of this and the earlier volume ! There are no credits listed or other biographical material listed.

This sample CD you'll already have come to realise isn't remotely musical in the normal context, whilst there is no specific indication of what or where the sounds are sourced from, it's very clearly from a wide range of industrial type sources. Compared to the first Titanium Rhythms CD I get the distinct impression that there has been a whole extra level of processing applied to the samples on Titanium Rhythms 2. The sounds might once have been sourced from such things as sanders, drills, grinders, saws, clunks, bangs, vices, lathes, scratches, machines and motors but in most cases one would be hard placed to accurately identify any particular sound.

Titanium Rhythms 2 Inlay Card

The documentation is fairly basic, each track is listed out with a bpm where needed and number of samples (all either 5 or 10) .It would certainly have been more helpful if the loops in particular had been listed out more fully, as it is the only demarkation is bpm and as you get around 60 samples in each tempo range its tricky to identfy where any given samples is. Especially as so much of the CD is atonal, you can certainly alter the bpm of these samples and who would ever know !

The first thing I checked for on this release was to see if they had repeated the "Dual Mono" format of some of the first Titanium Rhythms CD and fortunately not, just a regular CD this time. Although its not stated as such the entire CD to me sounds to be in stereo.

The CD kicks off with a nice short demo track, there is no test tone.

On to the sounds...

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