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18 June 2010

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Sounduser.com is the web's premier sample CD review site, in addition we offer free VST software and general sampling and music making information.

We offer in-depth, independent reviews of sample CD's and related products. We publish new reviews weekly, usually on a Tuesday.

Please feel free to email us about any aspect of the site at admin@sounduser.com.

Your feedback is appreciated !

Product Submissions for Review{short description of image}

Sounduser.com welcomes product submissions for review. Whilst our main focus is on sample cd's we will also consider reviewing related sampling and music making products.

We operate at present a weekly review schedule. A reviewed sample CD will feature on the home page for a period of seven days, the reviews page for 6 weeks and then in the reviews archives forever.

At present there is an approximately 8 week queue, from the date of receipt, to the date of publishing of an initial review. Subsequent reviews can usually be accommodated in a slightly shorter time frame.

The suppliers of sample CD's and related products will be linked to in a review, normally to a website, but we will also include further contact information on request. Additionally we will include a free 468x60 banner at the end of a review to publicise either the product directly or the publisher in general. Example here.

Please check our media kit for information on site traffic levels.

If shipping products from outside of the EEC please put a value of $1 against review products as to avoid the payment of import duty.

Products should be sent to:-

Traviss Willcox
8 The Glen
Dover, Kent
CT15 7PF

Media Kit{short description of image}

Sounduser.com, established in 1998, offers in-depth, independent reviews of sample CD's, in addition we offer free VST software and general sampling and music making information.

Every day we receive over 1000 visits from a very specific target audience. Those interested in making music, using the latest technology and in particular using samples and sample related products. At the start of 2000 site traffic started at 30,000 users a month, presently this has now risen to 50,000 users a month. A new sample CD review will get at least 1000 readers within the first few days of publishing, and 100's of readers per month indefinitely after this.

Sounduser.com has relations with most of the major sample CD publishers in the world, AMG, East West, Big Fish Audio, Spectrasonics, Wizoo and many more.

Reach your target audience by becoming a Sounduser.com sponsor.

Banner Advertising

Our banner inventory is limited to just two 468 X 60 spot's.

Top placement of your banner on every page of our rotation guarantees exclusivity and reduces visual competition.

Bottom placement of your banner on every page of our rotation gets your message to our targeted audience at a bargain price.

This page is typical of a standard sounduser.com page to compare advert placement. 200,000 impressions are available on a monthly basis and can be purchased as follows:


Top Placement:
£12/$20 CPM upto 50,000 impressions
£10/$16 CPM over 50,000 impressions

Bottom Placement:
£3/$4.50 CPM upto 50,000 impressions
£2/$3.50 CPM over 50,000 impressions

Specs: 12K max, three cycles of animation. Rich Media advertisements supported.

Deadlines: one week before flight


If creative deadlines are not met with correct materials, ad may be delayed at advertiser’s expense.

Frequency begins with first insertion and must be taken within a year.

Payment terms are 30 days net. For new customers an advance deposit will usually be required.

Invoices will be generated for ad activity within any given month.

An advert impression does not count a paid impression until every last pixel has been delivered to the user and confirmed.

Cancellation policy is 50% fee for cancellation within 15 days of start.

To qualify for frequency breaks, ads need not be consecutive. We will shortrate for cancelled schedules.


Thanks again for your interest. If you need any further information, please don't hesitate to contact me. I look forward to hearing from you.

Traviss Willcox
Sounduser.com publisher

(44) 1304 831305