18 June 2010

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Produced by East/West
No.Tracks 83
Playing Time 52:15
Released 1992

This is volume 5 of the ProSamples range from East/West and has been put together by David Frangioni and Rich Mendelson and unusually for a sample CD comes complete with a floppy disk of MIDI files, I'll explain about that more later.

This CD is purely a percussion offering, with both original loops and individual sounds, as you can imagine from the title this offering is aimed at the dance and industrial genres of music production. There are a few indications of the sources of some of the sounds, Rolands TR-808 makes a few appearances, and descriptive titles like "power saw" or "pipe hit" give you a fair idea in most cases.

The CD comes with an excellent inlay card, producers of sample CD's please take note, 20 pages long, 15 of which are taken up with a track and sound listing. Every sample is listed with its track and index point, along with a category, tempo, number of bars and description. A lot of effort has gone here, if your glancing through trying to find a particular type of loop or sound this makes the job so much easier. Looking for "huge, scraping machine groove", track 1, index 9. Easy.

While putting together this CD the producers have divided the project into three parts, firstly straight loops, secondly more loops but these come additionally with individual hits, with MIDI files of the loops, and finally a library of individual hits. This approach gives the user varied ways in which to use the samples from the CD, either a straight copy of one of the loops, manipulation of a loop via MIDI or building up a loop from scratch with the individual hits.

It's a good idea and extends the versatility of the CD somewhat. If your making music for a different genre of music than the producers are specifically targeting, you can still make some use of the CD, the straight loops might not be of such use but you can modify the MIDI files or sample the hits to make them fit what you are trying to achieve.


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