18 June 2010

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Produced by AMG
No.Tracks 57
Playing Time 72:51
Audio CD  
Released 1998

This is the first CD in the AMG Catalyst series, the second - 160db The Drum and Bass Interface is reviewed here. The CD, unusually, doesn't make any claims or statements about its contents on the cover. Though as you can guess by the title, and the spelling of it, we should be expecting some heavy dance sounds. Lets see....

The CD has been put together by Terminalhead, who have also produced the the "Underfire" sample CD volumes 1 & 2. Terminalhead are two guys, Pete Martlett and Lee Groves. Who according to the liner notes have a CD out around Septemeber 1998 on their own label Push Recordings entitled, "Last Orders... Start the Revolution". They've included on the CD probably the longest ever "demo" track ever heard on a sample CD offering, weighing in at over 5 minutes. Way too long an inclusion on a sample CD. I'm no fan of demo's at all on sample CD's, and whilst the track itself is decent enough, a 2 minutes edit version would have gotten over the effect just as well. With sample CD's costing not much less than a pound a minute, I'd rather have a few more samples.

There is no indication of the equipment used in the production of this CD, except for name checking of the Roland SH-101 on a couple of tracks. I can imagine that the producers want to keep some of this under wraps as there is quite a lot of processing that takes place here in some sections.

The inlay card is on the minimal side and an area where the CD could do better. The CD is broken down into 10 sections, you get the title of each section, a brief description of the section and the BPM if appropriate, the loops/gates sections have a breakdown by track but the general sound sections don't. I've seen worse mind, but would liked to have seen a little more detail here. If you read the 160db review its laid out in a similar manner but just a touch more detail included here. There is no indication if the samples are in mono or stereo but on listening most appear to be in stereo.

The categories are divided up as follows:-Pete's Drum Loops, Gated Effects, SH-101 Riffs, Dub FX, Rhymthmic Riffs & Phrases, Effects, Synths, Gated Scratches, SHortwave and Pads and Sweeps. The CD rounds out with a 1kHz test tone.

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