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18 June 2010
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Didgeridoo & Overtone
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Produced by Good Stuff Audio chemical beats
No.Tracks 86
Playing Time 73:38
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Didgeridoo & Overtone Dance Collection is from Swiss company Good Stuff Audio (GSA) who are new to me, and judging from their website this is their first sample CD offering. The official line is "The main aim of this project was to produce a top quality selection of usable didgeridoo and other overtone instruments samples to meet today's high standards of recording. Incorporating as many elements of the didgeridoo as possible, this CD basically provides a virtual Didgeridoo session player. Along with the extensive library of pumping Didge grooves, an impressive selection of rare ethnic world instruments has been added such as Jaws Harp, Fluyara, Overtone singing and a mixture of rare ethnic drum grooves"

One of the things I like about sampling and sample CD's is how one can take a single sound or instrument, in this case a didgeridoo, and expand it's possibilities beyond anything that can be produced any other way. Now I expect most people reading this will have a keyboard or soundcard that has a passable patch that makes an impression of a didgeridoo. Then this CD is designed to show us how it should be done, and then we can take this and incorporate this in our music.

Now I've had an attempt at playing a didgeridoo and managed to produce a very interesting "chuffing" sort of sound so have some appreciation for the skill involved here, whilst the didgeridoo is fairly limited in its sound producing ability what the producers here have done is not only reproduced the sounds of the instrument but also created dozens of loops, mainly designed to be layered with other rhythm elements. Whilst aimed at the dance market especially there is no reason why most any genre looking for this type of "ethnic" sound wouldn't benefit from the sounds contained herein.

Although titled as a Didgeridoo & Overtone collection there is actually quite a large proportion of the CD dedicated to other "ethnic" instruments, especially Jaws Harp and Birrembow. Of the 464 samples on offer, 260 are Didgeridoo related, 50 Overtone, 50 Jaws Harp, 30 Birrembow and the remainder odd percussion sounds and ethnoscapes that we'll describe more later.

Didgeridoo & Overtone Inlay Card

The inlay card and overall production is very good. You get a nice 12 page inlay card with a couple of pages of "How to use this CD" and introductory notes along with a detailed listing of the contents of the CD. Each track/sample is listed out, after an initial summary. The sounds are broken up into various categories, mostly 10 samples per track with track name, sample name where appropriate a BPM and pitch

Unusually there is no note of the licensing conditions on the outside of the CD, but inside with the note "Purchasing and opening this product will be seen as agreeing to these conditions". I'd have to say I'd fancy my chances of arguing that one in court, I'd probably suggest that GSA follow the usual line and have these licensing conditions on the outside of the packaging.

The CD kicks off with a suitable didgeridoo/ethnic upbeat track that showcases how some of the samples can be fitted into a track. You can download a mp3 version of the track here. There is no test tone.

On to the sounds...

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