18 June 2010

On the Jazz Tip Page 1/4
Produced by Sounds Good
No.Tracks 86
Playing Time 70:15
Audio CD  
Released 1995

You'll see from the cover of this CD from Sounds Good that its for "The Sting, the Swing and that Jazz Thing". The rear of the CD goes on to explain that it's a "production tool for all dance styles with HipHop, Rap, Soul, TripHop, Acid Jazz and Funky flavours". A Jazz Sample CD then with dance overtones, an area that is hardly overpopulated in the sampling market. Lets see what we get.

Unusually, apart from Orchestral CD's, this CD has been put together by a whole gang of musicians from Sweden and the USA, whose list of credits of artists they've worked with makes for some impressive name dropping. Dr Alban, Evelyn King, Stevie Wonder, Whitney Houston & Curtis Mayfield amongst others. The CD has been produced overall by Bil Bryant, who features on the collection along with players Chuck Anthony, Tony Marvuglio, Micke Sundin, Reg Powe, Jair Rohm Parker-Wells, Henry Gibson, Josh Harris, Mikael Sorensen & Anders Barren. Think that's everyone !

The inlay card is very good indeed containing all you need to get the most out of the CD. The CD has three main areas, The Virtual Band, The Jazz Tip Tool Box & The Rebop/TripHop. There is an overall track listing at the beginning of the booklet, then within each area you get a breakdown of what each track contains, and depending on the sample, its BPM, pitch, name, description or number. One area where there is some vagueness is in what samples are in stereo or mono, the virtual bank section mentions that the samples are in mono except for the loops and some guitars, otherwise there is no indication.

The loops are all tuned to BPM's in multiples of 10, i.e. 90, 100, 110, 140 etc. in keeping with other Sounds Good sample CD's, the only exception being two loops on track 85 that are 75 & 107 BPM. The idea being that you can interchange loops from any of their CD's without having to worry about altering the BPM's of the loops yourself.

There is no mention of the exact source of the sounds on the CD, you get a description of the instrument in some cases, but only generically. Piano, Bass or Sax for example.

The CD kicks off with a three minute demo track, which has a suitably funky voice give you a summary of the CD whilst lots of examples are demonstrated to you. This is more of what I'd call a demo track, maybe a dozen 15 second snippets.

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