18 June 2010



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Produced by AMG
No.Tracks 68
Playing Time 71:58
Audio CD
Released 1998

There are no prizes for guessing the musical style of this CD, from the kraftily mispelled Komputer to the slightly camp photo on the CD cover. This is a sample CD aimed fairly and squarely at the musical style of one of the pioneers of electronic music - Kraftwerk. Bleeps, metalic clangs, analogue clicks and sweeps, electronic percussion are all here in abundance. Whilst aimed at a narrow segment of musical style there is much on offer here though for other electronic styles of music.

This CD has been put together by Komputer, a 3 piece London group, whose influences are quoted as "any music electronic in origin", and one group in particular if this offering is anything to go by. Perhaps this is a new method of gaining exposure for new groups, the CD sleeve mentions that they have an album out this year, and I for one will be looking forward to seeing this if the contents of this sample CD are anything to go by. Click here to check Komputers catalogue at CD Now

The CD kicks off with the ubiquitious demo song, a little too long in my thinking, approaching 3 minutes, I like it mind you, but these CD's aren't cheap, if I want to listen to this kind of music then I'll listen to a Kraftwerk CD or one in a similar vien, I'd much rather have had the time taken up with the demo devoted to a few more samples.

For the actual samples the CD are broken down into 7sections, Loops Sequences and Sweeps, Misc Synth Notes, Chords and FX, Synth Drum Patterns, Synth Sequences, Synth Noizes, Electronic Percussion Hits and Misc Notes. A broard cross section of sounds that you may require for producing tracks within this musical genre. Perhaps the only notable omission is robotic or vocoded voice samples, quite possibly Komputer don't use them to avoid being a total cliche of Kraftwerk.

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