18 June 2010

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Equipment Manufacturers
Akai Official Akai site
AKG Microphone manufacturer.
Allen Heath Mixer manufacturer
Clavia Official Clavia site, manufacturer of the Nord and Ddrum systems.
EMU Official EMU site.
Ensoniq Official Ensoniq site.
Grubsters Professional music instrument and equipment links.
Hootersound Suppliers of outboard equipment.
Iomega Manufacturer of Zip/Jazz drives
Kenton Suppliers of interfaces for using pre-midi equipment with MIDI.
Kurzweil Official Kurzweil site, lots of files to download from their ftp site.
Mackie Mixer manufacturer
Mark of the Unicorn Manufacturers of Midi & other music related interfaces.
Midiman MIDI intefaces, converters and audio cards.
Neumann Microphone manufacturer
Novation Manufacturer of the Supernova, Bass & Drum stations
Peavy Official Peavey site
Philip Rees UK Supplier of MIDI accessories.

Official Roland site in the US.

Sennheiser Microphone manufacturer
Spirit Soundscrafts site for the spirit range of mixers.
Studiomaster Mixer manufacturer.
Tascam Official Tascam site.
TL Audio Outboard equipment manufacturer.
Syrinx Manufacturer of Fenix modular synth.
Yahama UK Information on the Yamaha A3000 sampler.