18 June 2010

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Audio Plugins for Direct X, VST and SAW
Aldo VST Plug Ins Some free and some low cost VST plug ins
Bo Johansen Six free VST plug ins
Cult of the Plugin Fan site of music plugins both direct x and vst, has a useful comparison/review guide.
db Audioware Free and shareware plug ins for Direct X and VST
Digital Elements Free compresor VST plug in with more promised.
Div/Zero Free ring mod VST plug in with more shareware versions in the pipeline
Frasers VST Plugins Six free VST plugins, up to version 2.1 and constantly being revised
Indygo Three free VST plug ins with more on the way
m:audio Four free plugins for SAW
Maxim No less than 18 free VST effects !
neurosonic One free and demo VST plug ins
Prosoniq Beta "Northpole" filter for VST available
PSP Professional Sound Projects Offering low cost shareware VST plugins plus a free VST game !, demo's available
Spinaudio Free VST-DX wrapper plus demo versions of their VST/direct x plugins available
Synchromesh Free compresser/limiter VST plugin
Vellocet Six free VST plugins