18 June 2010

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Sample CD Manufacturers and Suppliers
Sample CD Manufacturers & Suppliers
3D Sounds Manufacturers & suppliers of a number of audio and CD-Rom sample CD's, online demo's to download.
AMG Manufacturer/supplier of a number of Sample CD's, on line catalogue available.
Ample Sounds UK Supplier of Big Bad Sounds sample CD's
Audio Superloops Specialise in Alternative and Hip Hop drum loop CD's, currently have three on offer.
B Productions Producers of the "Ultimate Sample CD" Volumes 1 & 2
Back in Time Records Manufacturers of numerous sample CD's including Moog, Korg and other specialist CD's
Beatnik UK based sample CD company that produce a "Modular" series of sample CD's that come in audio/.wav/midi packages.
Best Service Supplier of numerous sample CD's
Big Fish Audio Suppliers of a number of audio and CD-Rom sample CD's.
Cyberwave EMS Supplier of "Waveplant" sample CD's sounds from a unique synthesiser.
Digital Kitchen Suppliers of "Licence free sample CD's".
Discovery Sound Suppliers of music CD-ROM's.
E-Lab Sample CD producer that have numerous Audio/.Wav titles, including the well know X-Files & X-Static series.
East / West Sample CD manufacturer, with large online sample library in real audio format.
F7 Sound & Vision Producers of special effects & atmospheric CD's CD Roms
Front Room Supplier of several CD's & CD-ROM's
Glass Trax Manufacterers of Gigasampler Format CD Roms
Good Stuff Audio Just the one sample CD so far, Didgeridoo & Overtone Dance Collection
Greytsounds Manufacturers & suppliers of a number of audio and CD-Rom sample CD's, real audio demo's available.
Hollywood Edge Supplier of sound effects sample CD's
Ileo Suppliers and manufacturers of a number of sample CD's
Imedia Samples from their sample CD's in MPEG format.
KenFen Productions Producers and suppliers of .Wav and .Aiff format samples for PC/Mac using Zip disks. Real audio demos available online.
Kid Nepro Synth patch specialist but do have their own sample CD's too
Magix Suppliers of music software and sample CD's
Masterbits Suppliers of sample CDs in audio, Akai and PC. .Wav format
Midi Mark Suppliers of a number of audio and CD-Rom sample CD's, MP3 demo's available.
M.O.B.Productions Producers of samples for MPC 2000 & .wav/.aiff samplers on disk and zip cartridges
Morbid Minds Manufacturer of the "Morbid Minds" sample CD.
Newtronic Suppliers of MIDI construction files and sample CD's
Plantinum Vibe Aimed primarily at the Urban scene, producing .wav CD's for the computer user.
Pro Rec Suppliers of a number of audio and CD-Rom sample CD's.
Propeller Island Producers of several specialist sample CD's
Prosonus Producers of a number of audio and CD-Rom sample CD's
Pure Energy Suppliers of sounds and sample CD-ROM's.
Q Up Arts Suppliers and manufacturers of numerous sample CD's
Rarefaction Producer of several sample CD's
Rob Papin Sound Design Music Member of the EM group "Peru" has created a sample CD for the EMU range of samplers, demo's available from his site
Sampleheads Sample CD manufacturer with some real audio samples to preview.
Sample Kings Studio who have produced their own sample CD.
Sample Zone UK Based Retailer of Sample CDs and related software and hardware.
Schonwerx Producers of Ditch your sticks, beat with this" sample CD.
Sonic Implants Numerous soundfont, akai, kurzweil and other sample products
Sound Dogs Online sample retailer who enable the purchase and download of samples online.
Sound Engineering Supplier of several sample CD-ROM's., in various formats.
Sound Factory Supplier of a number of sample CD's and construction kits.
Sounds Good Manufacturer of numerous sample CD's
Sound-Ideas Suppliers of sample CD's aimed more at multimedia, TV or soundtrack work than musucians
Sweetwater Manufacturer of several CD-ROM's. for Kurzweil series of samplers.
Syntaur Productions Supplier of samples and patches for Ensoniq samplers and synths
Syntec Suppliers of a number of sample CD's and CD-ROM's.
Time and Space Probably the worlds largest suppliers of Sample CD's and related software, based in UK and US.
Turnkey UK Musical Equipment supplier including numerous sample CD's and related software.
Voice Crystal Suppliers of numerous sample CD's, site has several web special offers.
VR Sounds Supplier of CD Roms, including some more unusual formats.
Wizoo Supplier of a number of sample CD's, online demo's available.
Zero - G / Samplestore Producer of a whole range of cutting edge sample CD's from one of the longest established companies in the business. Samplestore is their online sample database / store.