18 June 2010

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A3K Central Resources for the Yamaha A3000 sampler.
Akai S-Series Samplers Resources for the Akai S Series samplers only, not too frequently updated.
Dance Tech Some information about sampling and samplers
Digital Sound Page Resources on sampling and making music with computers.
Ensoniq Resources Tons of links related to the Ensoniq series of samplers
Fish's Sampler Page Resources for the Akai 2000/3000 series samplers.
K2500 Zone Resources and information on the Kurzweil series samplers/synths.
Loopers Delight Mailing list and resources dedicated to the art of sample looping.
MACOS Musicians against the copywriting of samples.
Sample Resources Sample CD reviews, listserv, links and other sampling resources.
The Samplist Breakbeat samples, software and links.
Sample Net Sampling resources from Future Publishing, updated regularily.
Sample Zone Part of Synthzone - lots of links to Samples, Software & Manufacturers.
Synth 'n Sample Stuff Lots of links to samples on the net.