18 June 2010

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Aboretum Manufacturer of hyperprism and other software plug ins.
Awave Shareware program for converting sound into different formats,
Cakewalk Manufacturer of the Cakewalk sequencer, plug ins and other music software.
Cool Edit Very popular sound editing package for the PC.
Cubase Official Steinberg site.
Dimension Arc Software Producer of Revolve 100M a software emulation of analogue control of MIDI data.
Gigasampler Software sampler program that can work with samples up to 2Gb !
Goldwave Very popular sound editor for the PC.
Keyfax Suppliers of Twiddly Bits and other MIDI related software.
Koan Generative music creation system for Mac & PC. Available both as a standalone product and for integration into web pages.
Koblo Mac Vibra 9000 soft synth.
Maxim Various freeware music software, including VST plugins, Akaidisk and utilities.
Mellontronsoft Shareware software sampler.
MIDIshare Mac freeware software that treats MIDI data like a modular synth.
Mixman Studio Music package that builds tracks from samples, special CD's available too.
Patchman Music Whole range of patches for various synthesizers.
Protools Digidesigns web site for the mac software program.
Signum 1100 DX Software sampler for the PC based on an Akai front end.
Sound Forge Professional level sound editing package by Sonic Foundry
TC Works Software plug ins
Vellocet Assorted Freeware Cubase VST plugins.