18 June 2010

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Soundcard Links
4Front Technologies Digital audio for Unix
AdB Digital Line of 24 bit audio cards for the PC - Win95/98 & NT - including the quietest... (their words !)
Antex Digita Audio Digital audio products for the PC.
Applied Magic Inc Manufacturer of the OnStage 20-bit audio card for PC's.
Audiotrix Pro Soundcard for the PC from Mediatrix.
AVM Technology Variety of soundcards for the PC that use Kurzweil synthesis.
Creative Labs US UK Manufacturer of Soundblaster, AWE and Live soundcards. Lots of resources.
Digidesign Pro level Audio Tools for PC & Mac, including their Pro Tools package.
Digital Audio Labs Manufacturers of V8 and CardDPlus Audio systems.
Emagic Manufacturers of Audiowerk 8 digital audio card for PC and Mac.
Ensoniq's Paris Pro level PCI sound card, software and hardware digital recording solution for PC and Mac.
ESS Technology Soundcard manufacturer, frequently used in laptops.
Event Electronics Manufacturers of Layla, Gina and Darla digital audio products for PC and Mac.
Frontier Design Manufactueres of Wavecentre, Tango & Zulu digital audio products.
Gadget Labs Manufacturers of various digital audio products for the PC.
Gravis Official Gravis site with resources for their range of soundcards.
Guillemot Manufacturer of the Maxi series of soundcards.
Midiman Whole range of digital audio products for PC & Mac.
NewCom Manufacturer of the NewClear series of soundcards.
OnSpec Electronic Manufacturers of parallel port sound products.
Terratec UK US Germany Range of soundcards for the PC including the EWS-64 sampler/soundcard.
Voyetra Turtle Beach The official Turtle Bearch site, manufacturers of a range of soundcards for the PC.
Waveforce Waveforce site for resources for the WF-192XG soundcard from Yamaha.
Yamaha XG Series Information and resources for the yamaha PC soundcards.
Zefiro Acoustics Manufacturers of the ZA-2 digital audio card for the PC.