18 June 2010


The Psychotronic Sounds of NeuroniumPage 1 ../../%7Bshort%20description%20of%20image%7D
Produced by NMSS
No.Tracks 48
Playing Time 57:18
Audio CD
Released 1994

The back cover tells us that this is the first CD from the Neuronium Music Sampling System - (NMSS). To my knowledge its also the only one, though if anyone knows better then please feel free to correct me.

The CD is produced by Michel Huygen, who is the force behind the Spanish electronic music group Neuronium, whom under both names have released at least 20 albums, they have often been compared to Tangerine Dream. From the few Neuronium CD's I have heard I would pitch them as Tangerine Dream circa 1978-1985 kind of style. Click here for Neuronium's catalogue at CD Now. Click here for Michel Huygen's catalogue at CD Now.Click here for Tangerine Dream's catalogue at CD Now

Now I'll admit that I'm a fan of Tangerine Dream and Neuronium, saw this CD and thought, yes this one is for me, but upon reading the back cover I began to wonder...

The first odd comment is "All sounds are stereo recorded but recordable by yourself in mono, sometimes doubling the number of samples !", mmm... I thought to myself.

Next up we have the bad news that all the tracks are not set to the same recording level, this allegedly is due to "keeping on each sample the true Neuronium atmosphere", not good. Most sample CD's are level matched so that if your recording more than one sample off a CD at a time you don't have to worry about the levels from sound to sound. I for one would have been willing to sacrifice the "true Neuronium atmosphere" for level matching, sampling is hard enough work without this, especially as on this CD multi-sampling is expected, I'll explain in a moment.

Then we have "discover the full spectrum of the tracks 38-48 and experiment with editing, cutting, crossfading and then, enjoy the new 'NMSS' ". Now I am 100% in favour of manipulating samples to produce something original, different or unusual. What I'm not in favour of is the maker of the CD telling me that they are going to produce a lengthy sample and expect me to extract what I want out of it. That is one of the reasons why sample CD's are so expensive, because it's a time consuming process to do this editing, cutting and crossfading. Otherwise I might just as well go and buy a few Neuronium CD's and sample from them (obtaining clearance first of course !).

There is no indication of what equipment has been used to create the sounds on this CD, I suspect though a pretty powerful array of both analogue and digital gear.


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