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18 June 2010

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F7 Sound and Vision Ships Concept:FX2T

Tampa based F7 Sound and Vision announced the release of its second sound effects CD-ROM Concept:FX2. The follow-up to the award-winning Concept:FX volume 1 CD-ROM (released in 1997), Concept:FX2 features 305 royalty-free sound effects in both AIFF and WAV formats and is Mac and PC compatible. Concept:FX2's sounds cover a wide range of categories from "hits", "zaps", and "sweeps", to "drones", "atmospheres", "ambiences", "synths", and "processed human sounds". Additionally, each sound file can be easily previewed right from the CD-ROM using a web browser.

Concept:FX2 is meant to be a compliment to the first Concept:FX CD-ROM. Like Concept:FX volume 1, the sounds on Concept:FX2 are heavily processed in nature, but have a different vibe. Concept:FX2 has been geared towards the same users as Concept:FX volume 1, which include: musicians, recording studios, post houses, web designers, ad agencies, multimedia producers, video editors and computer game developers. Concept:FX2 will retail at $69.95 (U.S.).

Both Concept:FX CD-ROMs will be avialable as a bundle for $99.95 and current Concept:FX volume 1 owners will be eligible for a $20 discount on the purchase of Concept:FX2 if they contact F7 Sound and Vision by January 31, 2000. Both CD-ROMs can be purchased individually or as a bundle online from F7 Sound and Vision's web site at: www.f7sound.com

Audio Master PC Is Ready for Market

FAQ System Engineering in Norcross, Georgia has completed testing on the Audio Master PC. The Intel PIII based music machine is FAQ's solution for bridging the gap between software developers, hardware manufacturers and the struggle end users have with putting together DAW and MIDI applications on a PC platform. The Audio Master PC is "turn-key", ready for use right out of the box. The unit comes standard with Soundscape-Digital's Mixtreme Card, the LE version of Nemesys GigaSampler and a user defined audio package (ie Cakewalk,Cubase or Logic Audio).

"The biggest complaint you hear from folks on a PC platform is the headache of setting up the hardware, dealing with driver conflicts and overcoming quirks" says Ken Fennell with FAQ. The chief benefit of the Audio Master PC is the solution it provides. "That's our product, the solution". The original specifications for the Audio Master PC were gathered from Digidesign's recommendations for the Pro Tools NT package, then adapted to accommodate other DAW and MIDI software applications. Sticking with consistent hardware takes much of the guesswork out of configuration and allows for a worry free end user solution.

FAQ System Engineering is located in Norcross, Georgia, the Silicon Valley of the southeast. The company strives to provide a "turn-key" solution of top quality affordable music PC's for a growing home-based recording studio market. For additional information on FAQ System Engineering or the Audio Master PC visit their web site at http://www.faqsys.com or call (770)409-8823

Mac drivers are now available for the Yamaha DSP factory. Yamaha.
Paiste have announced a 3CD sample set of sounds from their famous cymbals, they've some demo sounds on their site. Paiste.
Akai have released a bug fix for their S5000 & S6000 samplers - ugrading the operating system to v1.02, also noticed that they've posted some new free samples. Akai
January's issue of Future Music(UK) has been released. Reviews of Yamaha's SW1000XG and Cakewalk v8, sample CD reviews K-Klass (80%), Outside (82%), Guitar Clean (60%), Junge Frenzy 2 (90%)
Logic Audio 3.6 has been released and available for download from Emagic's website. Includes support for more hardware - including Yamaha's DSP factory. Emagic.
Teklab are releasing a sample management tool for the Yamaha A3000 sampler. Released on Christmas day (they have a special offer for pre-orders too) this program enables users to manage samples from Windows 95/98 rather than the sampler. http://www.teklab.com/~a3k/
Res Rocket have released new versions of their "over the net" music making program - allows import of MIDI files now too - more at http://www.resrocket.com/software/release.html
The second issue of Computer Music is out in the UK - some 3 months after the first - still rather basic - but good for beginners and has some free software and 250 samples as well on the CD. Sample CD reviews Pop Diffusion (8/10), Dance Diffusion (6/10),Sample & Hold (8/10), Cuckooland Asylum (9/10), Cuckooland Ambience (7/10) and Jungle Frenzy 2 (4/10). Reviews of Music Maker V2000, Hip Hop Ejay and Guitropolis, Logic Audio Silver, Opcode Vision and a soft synth round up. http://www.futurenet.com/computermusic/
Arboretum has released version 1.5.5 of their Hyperprism plug-in pack. Three new effects are included (Harmonic Exciter, Bass Maximizer, and Tube/Tape Saturation), bringing the total count to 32 effects, available for DirectX, VST, MacOS Premiere, and AudioSuite applications. http://www.arboretum.com/
ACID pH1, a consumer version of ACID, that was due for release shortly has been replaced by three entry-level versions: ACID DJ and ACID Rock, the lowest-priced versions, and ACID Music, which offers unlimited tracks and effects plug-in support.http://www.sfoundry.com/
Time and Space UK have added a "Sample Cellar" selling off some end of line sample CD's at 50% off and more. http://www.timespace.com/