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18 June 2010

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Rude Loopz - Added July 5, 2000

Double CD of acoustic drum loops, natural and "rude", in multiple formats, including Cubase & Logic - find out more here.

Junk Percussion - Added June 27, 2000

Percussive collection with a difference, what you need to add a junk element to your tracks ? - find out here.

The Progression - Added June 14, 2000

Percussive loops with an ethnic instrument touch from AMG, how does it rate - find out here.

Electronica - Added June 6, 2000

"Electro-Industrial" loops CD from East/West by the producers of Hypnotica, not quite a straight loops CD though - find out why here.

Hypnotica - Added May 31, 2000

A truely hypnotic collection of abstract ambient/trance sounds from this collection from East/West ? - find out here.

Bizarre Guitar - Added May 24, 2000

Find out how far a "Guitar" sample CD can be from what you thought was a "Guitar" sample CD - find out here.