18 June 2010

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Reviews A-L

160db-The Drum & Bass Interface - Added August 23, 1998

Create cracking D&B tracks with the help of this offering from N-Jay and AMG, find out why here.

260dB: The Drum&Bass Interface - Added May 3, 2000

How does this sequel to the 9/10 rated 160dB fare ? - find out here.

3D SFX - Industrial Sound Events - Added October 29, 1998

Take your recording equipment into your local factories and shipyards and record away - or let VR Sounds do the work instead. Find out about this sound effects sample CD here.

Alien Artifakts - Added March 21, 2000

Alien sounds and soundscapes from Big Fish Audio. What you need for an abstract edge ? - find out here.

Ambient 1 - Added August 8, 1998

Dreamy pads, natural atmospheres and weird sounds effects on this CD from Zero - G.

Ambient 2 - Added August 12, 1998

More dreamy pads and atmospheric synth sounds on this follow up CD from Zero - G.

Analog to Digital - Added August 26, 1998

What does this sample CD crammed full of synthesiser sounds contain ?. Find out here.

Analog to Digital 2 - Added August 31, 1998

How does this follow up CD of synthesiser sounds fare ?. Find out here.

Asylum - Added January 25, 1999

Cuckooland volume 3, an off beat collection of loops, ambiences and sounds that will appeal to almost all musicians looking to add something different to their music, find out why here.

Beatz Diffusion - Added May 13, 1999

Another great value CD from AMG, this time a collection of drum loops pulled from some classic sample CD's. Find out more here.

Bizarre Guitar - Added May 24, 2000

Find out how far a "Guitar" sample CD can be from what you thought was a "Guitar" sample CD - find out here.

Chemical Beats - Added August 23, 1999

A dance sample CD-ROM with a difference, thousands and thousands of loops, how and why does this rank as our second 10/10 CD. Find out why here.

Dance DiIffusion - Added May 8, 1999

A great value collection of dance loops and sounds culled from AMG's catalogue. Find out more here.

Dance Industrial 1 - Added August 15, 1998

Three part loop and percussion CD aimed at dance orientated samplists from East/West.

Dance Industrial 2 - Added August 20, 1998

Follow up 2CD volume that concentrates on the contruction kit approach to producing dance or industrial loops.

Didgeridoo & Overtone Dance Collection - Added November 24, 1999

Didgeridoo and ethnic samples from new sample CD company Good Stuff Audio - how does their first release score ? Find out here

Distorted Reality Vol.1 - Added April 26, 2000

Whats the reality on this off the wall collection of sounds from Spectrasonics ? - find out here.

Drum Tools - Laidback - Added October 1, 1998

A Sampling Sound System release of live drum loops and hits from Sounds Good. How does this budget priced release score ?. Find out here.

Electronica - Added June 6, 2000

"Electro-Industrial" loops CD from East/West by the producers of Hypnotica, not quite a straight loops CD though - find out why here.

ElektraVox - Added April 4, 2000

Electronic voice collection from Back in Time, Kraftwerk cliche's or what you need for a human touch to your tracks ? - find out here.

Freak Beats - Added October 8, 1999

A dance sample CD with a difference - highest BPM of just 105 - why ? Find out here.

Full Phat - Added September 13, 1998

First in the Catalyst series from AMG, does this volume do as well as the second in the series ?. Find out here.

George Clinton - Mixman Soundisc - Added December 4, 1998

Sample CD from funk master George Clinton, designed for the Mixman Studio program, but offering more than just that, find out why here.

Hamburg Loopz 2 - Added March 7, 2000

Mid range priced Germanic dance loops from Wizoo, 808 heaven or hell ?- find out here.

Hypnotica - Added May 31, 2000

A truely hypnotic collection of abstract ambient/trance sounds? - find out here.

Junk Percussion - Added June 27, 2000

Percussive collection with a difference, what you need to add a junk element to your tracks ? - find out here.

K-Klass - Mixman Soundisc - Added November 4, 1998

Sample CD from British House/Techno group K-Klass, designed for the Mixman Studio program, but offering more than just that, find out why here.

Komputer - Inside - Added July 29, 1998

Recreate the sounds of Kraftwerk with this sample CD from Komputer.

Korg Universe Volume 1 - Added January 24, 2000

Sounds from 17 vintage and not quite so vintage Korg synthesisers and drum machines. Better than a room of synths ?, find out here.

Korg Universe Volume 2 - Added October 25, 1999

Sounds from 20 Korg synthesisers and drum machines. Vintage heaven or hell ?, find out here.