18 June 2010

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Reviews M-Z

Mediterranean Atmosphere - Added February 1, 2000

Authentic native instrument sounds from the countries bordering on the Mediterranean, is this the acoustic touch you need ?, find out here.

Methods of Mayhem - Added September 22, 1998

Over 1000 samples of ear splitting fury says the CD cover on this offering from Sounds Good. What do we think ?. Find out here.

Minimoog Classics - Added October 21, 1999

A definitive collection of classic sounds from the classic Minimoog - find out what you need to know here

On the Jazz Tip - Added October 7, 1998

Described as "The Sting, the Swing and that Jazz Thing", how does this Jazz/Dance construction set sampling CD from Sounds Good measure up ?. Find out here.

Percussive Adventures - Added March 14, 2000

Top notch percussive CD from East/West, all you'll ever need for the next blockbuster soundtrack ? - find out here.

Phil Gould - On Drums - Added May 10, 2000

A drum loops CD from the ex-drummer of Level 42, Brit-Funk icons of the late 80's and early 90's. Find out what you need to know here.

Platinum 24 - Acoustic Drums - Added May 17, 2000

Double CD of percussive hits and kits, really Platinum ? - find out here.

Prosonus - Grand Piano - Added October 13, 1998

Just 12 volumes of samples of a Steinberg grand piano - find out why this is the first CD we've awarded a 10/10 score. Find out here.

Psychotronic Sounds of Neuronium - Added August 14, 1998

What does this CD from Spains answer to Tangerine Dream have to offer ?.

Quantum Leap Brass - Added April 18, 2000

Is this the definitive brass sample CD collection ? - find out here.

Reloop - Added October 18, 1999

A software/drumloop CD from Best Service - find out all about it here

Rude Loopz - Added July 5, 2000

Double CD of acoustic drum loops, natural and "rude", in multiple formats, including Cubase & Logic - find out more here.

Ruff Cutz - Added December 28, 1998

A hard dance orientated drum loops CD from Dave Ruffy and AMG featuring full length grooves and live drum loops. Find out all you need to know here.

Sample and Hold - Added December 22, 1998

An effected analogue sample CD from Metaldog and AMG, featuring loops and a ton of synthesiser sounds, find out why this CD scores 9/10 here.

Sample Material - Added October 11, 1998

A sample CD from the New York producer Bill Laswell. "Nothing is true. Everything is permitted." What does this mean ? Find out here.

Slam on the Breaks - Added February 15, 2000

Another fine loops CD from AMG - is this what you need to bring live and programmed breaks to your tracks - find out here.

The Progression - Added June 14, 2000

Percussive loops with an ethnic instrument touch from AMG, how does it rate - find out here.

Titanium Rhythms - Added February 22, 2000

Industrial loops and hits from Big Fish Audio, tough as titanium ? - find out here.

Titanium Rhythms 2 - Added February 29, 2000

Second in the series from Big Fish Audio, is it true that a sequel is never as good as the original ? - find out here.

Travelogue 1 - Out of Africa - Added August 4, 1998

Sample the sounds of traditional African singing, chanting and drumming with this CD from e-Lab.

Twisted City - Added February 7, 1999

A CD to reproduce the "Bristol" sound, construction set type production that is also an excellent choice for a library CD too, find out why here.

Vince Clarke - Lucky Bastard - Added March 28, 2000

Classic 1993 release from AMG from the king of the analogue synths, Vince Clarke. What you need to add the analogue synth touch to your tracks ? - find out here.

Vinyl Frontier - Added February 8, 2000

Lastest AMG loops CD, is this what you need for that classic vinyl feel to your tracks ?, find out here.

Waveplant Synthesiser - Added February 18, 1999

A sample CD of a unique synthesiser capable of producing unique sounds, how does it score. Find out here.

Wizoo Powered Nord - Added April 11, 2000

Want a Clavia Nord Lead in your sampler, find out if this Wizoo CD will answer your analogue synth needs - find out here.

Zip O Drums - Added September 6, 1998

Not a CD at all, but how does this Zip disk full of drum hits compare ?. Find out here.