18 June 2010

Sample Material-International Free ZonePage 1/4
Produced by Sounds Good
No.Tracks 71
Playing Time 70:46
Audio CD  
Released 1996

With possibly the least assuming name for a sample CD ever Sample Material from Sounds Good is a collection of samples from the libraries of New York producer Bill Laswell and Material label. "The concept behind Sample Material is to remain true to the Material vision by providing you with the broadest spectrum of unique samples available on any sampling product.", so says the back cover. Lets see what we have.

The production of the CD is credited to both Bill Laswell and Bob Musso, Bill Laswell may ring a bell with some readers. He has worked with groups and artists as diverse as Herbie Hancock, Public Image Ltd, Grace Jones, Mick Jagger and Motorhead. If you were asked to name opposite ends of the musical spectrum then possibly Herbie Hancock and Motorhead would be some peoples choice. ! Bob doesn't get much of a mention, such is the perils of being an engineer.

The inlay card is quite excellent containing all you need to assist you in getting the most out of the CD. There is an overall track view at the beginning of the booklet, then for every track you get a sub title, a listing of all the samples with a name, BPM and pitch. The only thing missing is any mention if the samples are in stereo or mono, so you'll have to listen to the samples to check before actually sampling. There is no mention of the exact source of the sounds on the CD.

The loops are all tuned to BPM's in multiples of 10, i.e. 90, 100, 110, 140 etc. in keeping with other Sounds Good sample CD's. The idea being that you can interchange loops from any of their CD's without having to worry about altering the BPM's of the loops yourself.

The CD starts off with a two minute demo track, short and sweet, that showcases the CD through around a dozen short variations, from ambient, through, funk, techno, industrial and back again via a few "world" examples, there is quite some diversity here !. Then into the samples proper that are broken out into four general areas, Zone Ambient, Zone Rhythm, Zone Instruments and Zone Sound

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