8 June 2008

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Free Cubase VST Plug Ins

Vincent Burel -

Surrounder - Applies a spacial sound as a sound sound effect, use it after the stereoizer !

PPDisto - Ping Png Distortion with lots of parameters for all three effects

Megatrancer - A quick filter with FX control, designed for voices and drums.

Stereoizer - Transforms mono signals into stereo ones

DLimiter - Prevents distortion

Karakao - Eliminates the center (usually the vocals) of a sound

DX Plugin Remover - Sometimes, some Direct-X plug-ins are still staying visible in your audio software plug-in list, even if you have uninstalled, or delete them... simple tool to remove them here !

Download Plug Ins Zip File (182k) Download the DX Plug In Remover (61k)

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