8 June 2008

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Free Cubase VST Plug Ins

Bo Johansen-

BJ Overdrive - Simulates overdriven amp, shaping the input to produce a warm sound.

BJ Ring Mod - Choose from six waveforms to modulate frequency and depth to produce metallic and ringing sounds, supports automation.

BJ Tremolo - Classic tremolo sound, modulate volume with one of six waveforms, Left and Right channels can be inverted to create panning effects.

BJ Flanger - Flanger/Chorus capable of a wide range of effects, supports automation.

BJ Wavechanger 2 - Exchanges the waves in your audio signal with simple waveforms to produce an "analogue" type sounds. Supports automation.

(Note vcl35.bhp (included in zip file) is needed for Flanger and Wavechanger, copy into your Windows/System directory)

Download Zip File (815k) Visit Bo Johansen's web site