8 June 2008

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Free Cubase VST Plug Ins

Maxim -

mda Bandisto - multiband distortion using variable clipping instead of compression

mda Beatbox - Short samples to replace or enhance drums

mda Combo - Amp/speaker simulator with various modes

mda - De-ess - High frequency level & dynamics processor

mda Degrade - A lo-fi effect which degrades the sound

mda Dynamics - Compressor/Limiter/Gate sounds more modern than a limiter

mda Envelope - Envelope follower/VCA

mda Image - Stereo image adjustment and M-S decoder

mda Leslie - Rotary speaker simulation

mda Limiter - A simple limiter

mda Multiband - Adjustable compression over low, mid and high frequencies

mda Overdrive - Uses distortion for a thick saturated sound a low pass filter for a more muffled sound than normal EQ

mda RePsycho! - Divides the audio into chunks and pitch shifts the chunks

mda RezFilter - Simulates an analogue VCF, LFO and envelope generator/folower

mda RingMod - A simple ring modulator using a sine wave oscillator

mda Roundpan - 3D Autopanner places sound "outside" the normal speaker range

mda Shepard - Gives the impression of a continuously rising or falling pitch

mda Stereo - Stereo simulator that turns a mono signal into a wider signal

mda Subsynth - Bass addition to make the speakers rattle

mda Testtone - Generates test toness including noise and sine waves

mda Thruzero - Flanger that simulates tape flanging where two copies of a signal cancel out as the tapes pass each other

mda Tracker - Traks the frequency of the input with an oscillator, ring mod or filter.

Download Zip File (903k) Visit Maxim web site