chemical beats
18 June 2010
chemical beats review

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Produced by East/West
chemical beats
Audio CD 70:58
  99 tracks



Electronica, from East/West, is advertised as in the promotional material as "Welcome to the world of Electronica. In this collection you will find electro industrial loops and samples, many with MIDI-files. For those of you that are unfamiliar with the MIDI-file concept, the creators have saved the sequence data they created for the MIDI-file loops to enable you to recreate these loops and customise them. The sequence data can be loaded into any sequencer capable of reading MIDI-files....We know some of this is possible with programs such as Recycle, but you have much more control with the sequence data and the loop components. If you don't need this feature you can simply use the main loop. The musical content of Electronica is cutting edge electro industrial for the 90's and beyond."

This collection is only available in an audio (plus midi files) format and is a regular full price sample CD. Subtitled "Electro Industrial Loops and Samples" the CD is essentially a straight loops and hits collection though with a slightly novel twist. Around three quarters of the CD are regular loops, the last quarter though, aside from presenting a regular loop also gives the user the individual hits, plus a MIDI file to tie the individual hits together into the finished loop. Whilst not a wholly original idea, it's still quite unusual, and does add considerably to the flexibility of these loops.

Electronica has been put together by Perry Geyer (ex Manufacture) and Greg Hawkes (ex keyboard player with the group Cars), who at the same time released a related CD, "Hypnotica", which scored a solid 7/10. The duo have also released a couple of earlier CD's on East/West - Tekno/Industrial and Technophobia. East/West pioneered the concept of the Midi file/sample combination with Dance Industrial I from as far back as 1991

Electronica Inlay Card

The documentation is good, aside from the page of introduction, each sample is listed out, with a vaguely descriptive title, a BPM, and track number/position. For the loops where the individual hits are given these are listed out with the keys as well just to make it a little easier to locate in the MIDI files. In the data section of the CD there are 27 MIDI files taking up just 108k (these aren't GM compatible by the way), rather surprising also there is a folder with all the individual hits from these loops as well, only in .aiff format. Surprising in that it's not mentioned in any of the documentation or promotional material when I would have thought it quite a good selling point. Perhaps it was just something they decided to throw on at the last moment as there was space on the CD. A welcome bonus anyway. Pity that they're not in .wav format also, as for many people they'll need to do some converting to use the files. Easier than sampling them if you can use them though.

There is just a regulation standard licence agreement, there is no demo track, test tone or any indication of the instrumentation used to produce the CD.

On to the sounds...

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