18 June 2010

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Summary - Audio quality is very good, there is some quite noticeable noise on a loop or two, which is a deliberate effect I'm sure as the overall production is very high quality. There is a fair amount of processing of the sounds, rarely extreme though and you could certainly use them as they are.

I certainly enjoyed Electronica, there is a large diversity of electronic loops on offer, which with the addition of the MIDI files for a quarter of them or so increases the usefulness and creative possibilities of the collection. Whilst billed as "Electro-Industrial" in practice it would be of use of most anyone looking to use electronic loops with just the odd nod towards an industrial element. I'd only classify a few of the loops as even close to hard edged industrial.

The range of loops on offer will appeal to people making tracks as far apart as Kraftwerk and Nine Inch Nails, whilst most are fairly mainstream 4/4 loops there is plenty of creativity going on and had me nodding along now and then which is always a good sign, and I'm sure that others would find some track building inspiration too. Whilst I doubt with such a diversity that the whole collection will appeal to everyone I'm sure that most people will find a fair degree of usable material here.

On the downside I would like to have seen a little more variation within some of the loops, there is certainly some, but mainly in the form of parts dropping in and out rather than changes to the structure of the loop at all. Despite the CD running to over 70 minutes there isn't a huge number of loops as well, and only 27 of those the MIDI loops, would certainly like to have seen more of those, instead of the individual hits for example. Some loops certainly wouldn't have lost anything by being trimmed a little, for example those that fade out, which would have freed up some room for some more.

This loops collection would make a good early purchase to a sample library as some study of the MIDI loops will give a good insight of how to contruct, program and modify loops, more experienced samplists will equally appreciate the ability to customise some of these loops.

There is certainly a lot of well produced diversely processed and sounding, electronic loops with an industrial touch in this collection, and the MIDI loops are a very worthwhile addition. There is nothing particularly original about the collection, but what is there has been very well produced and if it's in the area your looking for then it won't disappoint.

(By the way at the time of writing have a special on a 5CD set of "Electronica" type CD's, $200 off the set, of which this is part)

Overall - Value for money 7/10 - Usability 8/10 - Documentation 7/10 - Sonic Quality 9/10. Solid collection of electronic loops with an industrial edge - 8/10

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