chemical beats
18 June 2010
chemical beats review

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Produced by East/West
chemical beats
Audio CD 60:07
Also available in 90 tracks
Gigasampler format



Hypnotica, from East/West, is described in the promotional material as "Hypnotica is loaded with fresh sounding cutting edge textures, trance and ambient loops, FX, Mind blowing Sweeps, Galactic Noises, Hypnotic sequences and magical sounds for your next rave. Hypnotica features complete soundscapes, ambient atmospheres, electronic sample and hold, reverse FX, noise loops, underwater textures, electronic ethnic voices, ring modulation, liquid audio, lazer sweeps, takeoffs, pans, white noise FX, low frequency sequences, oscillators, android heartbeats, drones, screams, synth bleeps, intergalactic textures etc. Orb meets Future Sound Of London - a magical mystery tour!".

We're reviewing the audio version here, the collection is also available in a Gigasampler format CD-ROM, and is a regular full price sample CD. As you'll have read in the description above, the CD is firmly in the "Weird Sounds" category of sample CD's, comprising in the main of longish samples (180 over the whole collection, so averaging about 20 seconds each), some have percussive elements but the majority are totally synthetic.

The collection has been put together by Perry Geyer (ex Manufacture) and Greg Hawkes (ex Cars keyboard player), who at the same time released a related CD "Electronica" (we'll be reviewing this one soon), Hypnotica broadly being a "trance and ambient loops and samples" while Electronica is an "Electro industrial loops and samples. The duo have also released a couple of earlier CD's on East/West - Tekno/Industrial (not reviewed yet but one I actually paid for myself !) and Technophobia, it's usually a good sign when people issue more than one sample CD - usually a guarantee that the earlier ones where successful.

Hypnotica Inlay Card

The documentation is OK, if a bit scant, each of the samples is listed out with a descriptive name, which helps, but there is no categorisation of the sounds, and no BPM's anywhere, whilst for most of the collection this wouldn't apply, there are some samples/loops that do have a rhythm element that could have had a BPM listed for. There are no other notes or information at all. Unusually plain for an East/West release.

There is just a regulation standard licence agreement, there is no demo track, test tone or any indication of the instrumentation used to produce the CD.

On to the sounds...

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