18 June 2010

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The collection has no categorisation at all, either in the documentation or in how the samples sound, there may be some hidden pattern but nothing obvious that occurred to me. Really does make the CD a bit harder to work with, the sounds dart about from track to track, which on one hand might be thought of as creative, as your never quite sure what is coming next. On the other hand it does mean that if your looking for something specific it's listening to the whole CD time. On the plus side all the samples are listed out so you can mark down the ones you particularity like, but some effort should have been made to get some kind of category system in place.

The sounds on the collection fall into several broad types, pad type sounds, both simple and complex and "loops". There aren't too many loops, perhaps 20 of the 180 samples, and none that form the usual format, more like rhythmic pieces. The sound throughout is very much electronic and synthetic, though this isn't a highly over processed collection of sounds, there are some sounds that have their moments in this respect. In the main though the sounds do retain a fair degree of "musicness", much of the processing being of the reverb/chorus/ delay type rather than in the distortion/modulation/filtering area.

The overall feel of the CD is edging on the "Sci-Fi" soundtrack type though there really is a whole range of sounds, from bubbly little mellow ripples, to big shears of sounds, sonar like sweeps, to alien engines running and screeching theremin lines to deep space burbles, weird synthetic voices to complex arpeggios. Most things in-between too...

Many of the sounds are multilayered sounds and have a fair degree of complexity and movement within them, although the samples are quite long, in 95% of cases there is enough interest in the sound to warrant the length of sound, there is usually at least one component that evolves or mutates through the duration. Some of the sounds, especially a few of the loop ones, for example "African Water Loop" or "Drum Roll Please" are very full sounding, more like short extracts to a track, not sure what you would want to add to this. Might be ideal of course if you need an instant solution, but not if you just want to flavour your track with a sample or two.

With such a range of sounds there is a bound to be some ones that not everyone likes, some of the simple sounds contrast against the very complex sounds. Samples like "Oscillator Upsweep" are a very simple plain upward tone, nothing special whereas "Relax" is a multilayered arpeggio with all sorts of things going on and is excellent. "Sonar Sweep" is just a simple uninspiring sweep sound preceded by a couple of complex scary type sounds "The Heckler" and "The Grasshopper" which would be ideal mood setters and it's very much the same throughout. Sounds jumping from one to another, inspiring samples interspersed with some more ordinary sounds.

There are some great mood setting samples, alien spaceship engine, eerie landscape and the like together with fine texture and sequenced type parts. The simpler sounds are a little more disappointing, not having the depth or unusual factor to make them stand out.

Summary & Overall...

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