18 June 2010

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Summary - Audio quality is good, there is some quite noticeable noise on a couple of samples, which I'm unsure is deliberate or not, otherwise though production is fine. There is a fair amount of processing of the sounds, though this wouldn't be considered a highly processed collection of sounds. Whilst there is some hefty sonic manipulation in places, though in the main it's quite musical in nature, certainly more so than some other similar collections.

Hypnotica is one of an ever growing category of samples CD's that fall into the weird and wonderful category, that of sounds that are unusual, bizarre, and can't be produced easily. It's an ever increasingly competitive area as I suspect it's one, along with drum loops, that is the most in demand too. CD's have to be pretty special now to stand out in this area.

Hypnotica is a collection I have tried to love, as I do really like this kind of collection. Whilst there is a lot of interesting variety in the collection and the production values are high, the CD doesn't do it's self any favours in a couple of important regards. Firstly it's quite short, just a fraction over 60 minutes, right on the borderline of what we'd think acceptable for a full price CD. Secondly with no organisation it's harder to use, whilst I wouldn't think it would be an easy task, many of the sounds defy description let alone pigeon holing, but some effort should have been made.

This certainly isn't a bad collection by any means, there is a huge variety of synthetic sounds here, some of which are excellent and most of the collection is very good, there are some rather blander samples mixed in, but on balance there is plenty of inspiration to be found here.

The collection would certainly suit people looking to create trance/ambient/space or soundtrack type music - especially anything with a sci-fi edge to it. Though anyone looking for longer synthetic sounds and textures will find a large amount of usable material here.

I'd certainly audition the CD first if you get the chance, it's the sort of CD that if it were on budget, or if you can get it on sale then I'd definitely recommend you give it a go, it won't disappoint, but in such a competitive area at full price I'd suggest investigating some alternatives as well before parting with your cash.

(By the way at the time of writing have a special on a 5CD set of "Electronica" type CD's, $200 off the set, of which this is part)

Overall - Value for money 6/10 - Usability 5/10 - Documentation 6/10 - Sonic Quality 8/10. Great range of synthetic sounds - 7/10

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