18 June 2010

Percussive Adventures
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Summary - Audio quality is excellent, there is no hint of noise or recording artefacts anywhere. There isn't a great deal of obvious processing involved, that that there is subtle, rich reverb being the most obvious. A quality, smooth production throughout.

Percussive Adventures is an extremely well put together and produced sample CD, the producers have aimed to create a slightly unusual collection of "mood" type percussive elements, which really do give the impression that they are supposed to in an excellent manner. There is a wide variety of sounds and playing styles and techniques which from tracks 2-98 are original and classy.

The CD is aimed mainly at soundtrack/film score/multimedia type producers or anyone who has to create a style of music to order, for that type of person this CD would be an absolute gold mine of resources to base pieces of music/ambience around.

There is still a lot to offer more mainstream musicians, there is a lot of excellent material contained in the collection, the method of presentation allows users to take only certain elements from the tracks if needs be and whilst I wouldn't suggest for a second that this is a replacement for an orthodox "dance" type sample CD there is certainly a wealth of sound in here that may well enhance almost any type of music.

It's difficult to find anything negative to say about the CD really, I suppose once you take the demo tracks out the CD's are a little on the short side on usable original material. I'd normally be looking for an hour of samples on a full price CD, but then you get two CD's and it's full price and a half, a tricky equation. The other things is that perhaps there is just too broad a spread of styles, just a single Jazz, Reggae, Indian etc. track does make for a limited choice in some areas.

If your in the target audience of this sample CD then it should be at the top of your wish list, if not it's still well worth a look if not an essential purchase.

Overall - Value for money 8/10 - Usability 10/10 - Documentation 10/10 - Sonic Quality 10/10. Excellently produced and sounding percussive CD - 9/10

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