18 June 2010

Bizarre Guitar
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Summary - Audio quality is excellent, there are no audio defects or artefacts to be found anywhere. Virtually every sample has been heavily processed, mostly would be fine right out of the can, you could even mutate them further if you so desired of course. Some of the sequential sounds go from the mellowest of mellow to ultra sharp sounds in a single bound, you might want to watch your speakers.

Whilst Bizarre Guitar falls into the "Unusual collection of sounds" category it does retain it's musical background more than some. Compared to say the Spectrasonics release of Distorted Reality it's related, but more of a cousin than a brother. The whole collection oozes quality, the sounds are rich, complex and cover a huge range of styles and concepts, and I still am not quite convinced they're all guitar sourced, I'd swear there is some choral like sounds there... I'd certainly be interested in reading a "How to process sounds" book from these guys.

The sustained sounds, especially the Ambient and Drone, sections are brilliant. Whole range of sounds from the mellow ethereal gossamer lines, to deep melancholy, menacing, sub sonic soundscapes. The rest of the collection isn't that far behind either, a whole range of evocative sounds ideal for layering with other sounds or as a more key bedrock element of a track. CD ROM users will especially appreciate how the producers have just gone that extra mile to map things to the modulation wheel to produce even more variety of sounds and allow the introduction of subtle variation. Beware auditioning the CD ROM version though, way too many sounds just invite a 30 second doodle, then suddenly an hour has gone and you've only loaded up two programs....

On the downsides, nothing that I'd call downsides, observations perhaps. There a couple of really grating samples, not the thing to listen to with a hangover, maybe a few more uptempo type of sounds wouldn't go amiss, a lot of the collection gave a very laid back impression. Maybe also some of the sounds maybe needn't be as processed as heavily as they are, some of the very best sounds on the collection give a hint of a guitar base, whereas a lot of the sounds sound like they could have been created via a synthesiser. I think the appeal would have been notched up even higher if there were more sounds that couldn't be created via a synthesiser. Things maybe for a follow up volume.

Most anyone can make use of the material on this collection, from Kitaro style new age tracks to Nine Inch Nails industrial mayhem and all steps in-between. Whilst not everything will appeal to everyone of course, there is a gold mine of unique, inspiring and evocative sounds here. If your producing space, ambient, new age or filmscore, or anyone who uses any kind of pad sound I'd seriously recommend Bizarre Guitar.

Overall - Value for money 9/10 - Usability 10/10 - Documentation 10/10 - Sonic Quality 10/10. An excellent, unique and evocative collection of sounds - 9/10

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