8 June 2008

Cuckooland vol.3 Asylum
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Produced by Zero-G
No.Tracks 72
Playing Time 73:19
Audio CD  
Released 1998

"Asylum" is the volume three of a trilogy of sample CD's, the others being "Unhinged" and "Ghost in the Machine", being part of the Zero-G altered states series, the other three making up this collection being Malice in Wonderland, Fields of Motion and Junk Percussion. All offering sounds out of the norm, as you'd think by the title and cover. Described in the Time and Space catalogue as "a wild collection of strange loops, crazed voices, twisted noise and just plain madness". Sounds promising...

This sample CD isn't aimed at any particular musical genre, just at musicians looking to add something different to their tracks.

Cuckooland are Simon Mills and Ian Sanderson, though the inlay card essentially just credits Ian Sanderson with Simon Mills being credited amongst others for various contributions. There are a whole list of these and the credits give you a fair idea of what to expect, such things as "supplied machinery sources", "vocal gymnastics", "vocal sweetness" are quoted.

The inlay card is very akin to a regular music CD, rather than the more usual straight informational offering. Here we have concept photo's, morphed background images and a couple of pages of credits and thanks. The information given is very thorough, every sample is listed (bar a couple of percussive tracks) and named, with a section (called "wards"), track listing ("beds") and for the loops the exact BPM, down to a decimal place. Most of the names in some way try to be descriptive and there are some wonderfully evocative sample names "asthmatic duck cough", "farty ducks on bikes", "playing darts on medications" or "automatic muddy camera" beg to be checked out to see what they really sound like.

There is no mention of any of the equipment used to make the sounds on offer, except in the credits "bass", "bells", "guitars" etc. but nothing specific. There is no demo track as such, though the first track is a collection of samples typical to the collection and the very final sample is a 1kHz tone at digital maximum.

The CD is broken down into 10 sections - Lucky Dip, Beat Loops, Marc-Layton Bennet, Non Drum Grooves, Strange Bits, Very Short Percussive Hits, Very Short Strange Noises, Vocals, Ambiences and Occupational Therapy

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