8 June 2008

George Clinton - Soundisc Series
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Produced by Zero-G
No.Tracks 91
Playing Time 40:22
2 x Audio CD/CD-ROM  
Released 1998

George Clinton is one of the first in a series of Soundiscs (another K-Klass, is reviewed here) for the Mixman Studio software program, click here for a review of this. Whilst the sample CD reviewed here is aimed primarily at users of this program, the samples contained are also provided in audio and .Wav form so as to be usable by a wider number of users. The Mixman Studio software program has proved to have a wide following, and is one of the few serious music programs to be widely available, which is now also available in a Pro version, watch out for a review of that here soon. But to get the most out of the program, you'll quickly want to add to the sounds that come with the program, and if your looking to make some funk music Zero G are offering a collection of George Clinton samples for you to use.

George Clinton was the mastermind behind the seminal funk outfits Funkadelic and Parliament and also has a host of solo recording credits to his name. Many of the sounds from his 70's and 80's work appear in more modern recordings, sampled by the likes of Dr Dre and others.

The CD is pitched at UKP 29.95 - half the price of a normal full price CD, but just over the normal budget price range. You'll initially notice that you get 2CD's for your money, and Zero-G very thoughtfully provide the samples in three formats, audio on its own CD, .trk (132Mb) and .Wav (160Mb) format (plus they chuck in a "LE" edition of Mixman as well) an the other. Round of applause for Zero-G for giving users three different formats to use, does make the collection easier to use, you can listed to the audio version, get an idea o what you like and then just load up the relevant version to either Mixman or your Sampler/audio program.

The documentation that comes with the CD is minmal, no hype at all, in fact if you just saw this in a shop on its own you might struggle to identify it for what it is. The inlay card gives some details of every sample - main heading, sub heading, track number and sample name. All the formats are laid out the same way, so whilst it looks a little odd on paper on your PC it makes perfect sense. Would have been useful to have some more information, would ease the use of non-Mixman Studio users, BPM's, file sizes or pitches would be nice. It's OK and you do get every sample listed, all 310 of them.

You do get a good deal for your hard earned cash, but do remember that the prime use of the collection is for Mixman users, and as such many of the sounds are looped, and some contain some silence, for example if a sound only occurs twice through an 8 bar loop. This isn't as noticable as with the K-Klass Soundisc - no doubt because of the different style of music. So value for money wise the collection is fine, especially with the 3 formats, but it might not contain quite the volume of sounds that you might expect on first view.

The samples in this collection are broken down into 9 main sections, Bass (8 samples), Drum Loops (26), FX (1), Guitars (8), Horns (44), Mixed Grooves (143), Pianos (2), Sax (1) and Vocals (77). The CD kicks off with a short "Megamix", which just lasts over a minute, and takes you through a couple of suitably funky snippets, think "mega" may just be a touch of overstatement.

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