chemical beats
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8 June 2008
chemical beats review

Freak Beats
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Produced by Zero-G chemical beats
No.Tracks 59
Playing Time 60:15
Audio CD/CD-Rom  

2x Audio/CD-ROM



580 .wav files
467 MB


Freak Beats from Zero-G is a loops sample CD that offers the samples in two formats, audio and PC .Wav on 2 CD's for the price of a regular full price audio CD. The promotional material describes the collection as "Dark and brooding beats to vibe to. Freak Beats covers a lot of ground from Electro to Hip Hop, slow groovers to percussion lunacy. Tempo matched and grouped sliced and diced for absolute compatibility with all software sequencers... We know you'll just freak out when you hear Freak Beats !" Lets see.

Freak Beats has been produced by JR Beaumier aka JR Exley assisted by Frank Pernon, names not known to me I'll confess, French by the little biog on the inside back cover, would appear mainly working in the advertising and TV music, but name checks a few known names - Indochine, Gypsy Kings, Cerrone, including a co-writing credit on the hit single Human Nature with Cerrone, top 10 in the UK and elsewhere to a few years back now. The producer has also made an earlier CD dh_v2.0 - Serious House Loops, though one with which I'm not familiar.

A hopefully growing trend is the supplying of sample CD's in this dual format, though you only get the samples once, so your only getting a single CD full of sounds like any regular sample CD. You do get the samples in two formats, making actually using the samples a lot easier - well at least if you can use the .wav format, which most computer and many samplers now can, and certainly will in the future. You can simply audition the samples on the audio CD, find a few you like and then just load them up. No need to mess about extracting the samples, trimming them and so forth. This particular offering does seem exceptionally well edited too - the relevant grouped samples have identical files sizes.

Freak Beats Inlay Card
Click image for larger version

The inlay card is very good, each sample is listed out, with a name (it must be a struggle to name so many - perhaps signs of inspiration running out, i.e. Big Tam, Big Stam, Big Slam, Big Scam, etc, but a great try !) grouped by BPM, ten samples to a track. In overall presentation the CD follows that of the excellent Chemical Beats right down to the minimal hype and dayglow covers - the above scan doesn't do it justice !

The data CD follows the layout of the audio CD exactly so you get a folder for each of the tracks and then the individual samples are named as per the inlay card so tracking down the sample your looking for should be as easy as it gets. No cryptic numbering or names to work out !

There is no demo track and the final track contains a 1kHz Test Tone at digital zero.

So on to the sounds !

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