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8 June 2008
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Junk Percussion
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Produced by Zero-g image
Audio 67:22
Tracks 96
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Junk Percussion from Zero-g is described in the promotional literature as "To the percussionist the world is a different place. Everything can be used to make a sound, and renowned percussionist Roger Turner has the vision to play instruments and objects from the everyday and throwaway, creating exciting sound and rhythm. This highly respected Junkyard Shamen has played a superb collage of rhythms, textures & fills which will inspire and prove invaluable in all areas of music production."

Roger Taylor at work....

The collection is essentially a collection of ambiences, long and shot, loops and single hits made up entirely from "junk percussion", what exactly this is isn't strictly defined but you can take it pretty much as anything you might find lying around a junkyard - much of it metallic in natuture. So not quite your usual percussive/drum sample CD. The CD is only available in audio format and is a regular full price release.

The CD has been put together by Roger Turner, about whom there is scant biographical information available, aside from being described as a "junkyard shamen", quite what one has to do to acquire that title I'm unsure. I did search around for any information about the producer and did come up with a quite well known Jazz percussionist who has worked on maybe 20 albums, not sure if its the same Roger Turner though. If anyone knows any better then please let me know and I'll correct this paragraph !

Junk Percussion Inlay Card

The documentation is good, if a little plain, each track is listed out, with a fairly descriptive title of the sample(s) to be found. Unfortunately the "grooves" section makes no reference to BPM's, although I'm sure some of them are difficult to categorise, many could have been run through a BPM counter to give users a little more information. Otherwise there is little in the way of notes or other information to assist or inform users.

The licence agreement is just the standard Time and Space terms, which are about as close to a standard as there is in the sample CD world.

There is no demo track and a test tone at digital maximum level is on the final track.

On to the sounds...

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