8 June 2008

Junk Percussion
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Summary - Audio quality is very good, there are though several samples in the Single Ambiences section that have quite a bit of background noise that you might want to try and edit out. There is little obvious processing used and the sounds are quite natural, well as natural as hitting a saucepan sounds !

In someways Junk Percussion is a throw back to the very earliest days of sampling when you'd hit anything and sample it. Here however the producers have gone far beyond this basic concept and produced a whole range of weird and wonderful sounds, soundscapes and loops through using such junk percussive elements. The end result is a CD full of original and unusual sounding material.

The collection shows off the percussive skills of the producer very well, there are lots of rapid rolls and complex rhythms throughout that go towards creating interesting loops, married together with the range of different sounds certainly make the collection stand out from the crowded percussive sample CD marketplace.

My only real reservation about the collection is the that ambiences and grooves are often mini performances in their own right, and I thought time and time again when previewing the collection, "how could I actually use this sample", yes interesting, yes original, but how could it be used - except as virtually the whole base of a track. Perhaps the best use for many users would be to extract elements or use the single ambiences and hits to spice up other loops or as spot effects.

The ideal user would be an alternative dance theatre, I can certainly picture a group of dancers whirling around a stage to some of this material, it has of course much wider use than just this, but this is the mental image the CD gives to me ! The CD is really quite genreless though, the sounds could well be used in many styles of tracks, though certainly lending itself perhaps best to light industrial type tracks or maybe film scores. Most anyone though could take elements from the collection to add to their tracks to add an unusual element to them.

I wouldn't suggest this CD as an ideal starter for someone in the world of sampling, but if you've already got a reasonable collection and looking for something different and original then this collection is well worth checking out. If you can, preview it first, it's a quality release, but one where you may need to put quite some effort in to get the most from the collection.

Overall - Value for money 8/10 - Usability 5/10 - Documentation 7/10 - Sonic Quality 8/10. An unusual and original percussive CD, but one to preview first to see how it might be best used by you - 7/10

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