8 June 2008

Twisted City
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Produced by Zero-G
No.Tracks 67
Playing Time 66:27
Audio CD  
Released 1998

Twisted City is brought to us by Zero-G and in the advertising material described the CD as "Massive loops compressed and squeezed, dirt basses, trem guitars, small string sections all add to the atmosphere from Trip Hop to Drum & Bass, Twisted city is the defintive collection from the Bristol Massive !". So we know what to expect...

The CD is totally understated and free from any descriptive prose at all, simply stating that the collection has been put together by Channel House Productions Studios Ltd, Bristol, UK and a few credits. The concept, work and production mostly stem from Garry and Tony, with additional input from other residents of the Channel House team.

Again back to the advertising material we have "Bristol has long been associated with innovation in music - Massive Attack, Portishead, Tricky, Goldie and Roni Size... the only sample CD to offer an authentic Bristol Sound". Quite some list of name checks and influences on the CD, and to be fair a valid claim, I'm unaware of any other CD that aims to cover that specific area, though lots of areas covered by the CD have of course been seen before.

I've noticed this recent trend with Zero-G sample CD's, no indication of whats inside on the packaging, whilst one always takes anything said with a pinch of salt, it does seem a little curious that there is nothing descriptive at all. Sure though that Zero-G/Time & Space know what they are doing. Perhaps hype often detracts would be purchasers, oo maybe 95% of sales are mail order or from shops with the Sample CD jukeboxes, in which case the packaging isn't much of a factor.

The inlay card of the CD is very good, virtually every sample is listed, with a name the only exception being the Rhodes, Scratches and Single Hits, where there are just groupings. For the loops the BPM is listed, and the samples are broken down by section in to managable groups, which give a fair description of the sounds the contain and how they were produced. Otherwise the understated theme continues with no words of wisdom or description from the producers.

There is no specific indication of how the sounds were produced or their source, except where its obvious from the section descriptions - Rhodes, Leslie, Ludwig, dual processed drums, congas, etc. The CD falls into the "construction kit" type offering, with a number of samples within each section that you might want to include in your "Bristol" track, the eighteen sections being Twisted Beats, Hard Step Drum & Bass Beats, Filter Rolls, Dual Processed Beats, Sweet Ludwig Kit, Tight Gretch Kit, Individual Kit Sounds, Double Bass Riffs, Electric Bass Riffs, Bass Effects, Special FX, Twisted Pads & Atmospheres, Leslie Guitar, Strings, Rhodes, Vinyl Scratches, Processed Congas & Bongos and Single Hits.

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